4 Scents for Enhancing Office Mood

When we go to the shops we are overwhelmed with thousands of different fragrances to choose from, so how do we know which one to choose? Just like the colours, furniture and décor in a space, fragrances help to create a particular mood and evoke certain feelings.

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Lemon, lavender, rosemary, mint, cinnamon, orange and jasmine are just a few of the scents which help to create productive, calming and stress relieving work spaces. Don’t stress if you can’t find your scent in a candle, essential oils will do the trick.

Image Credit: Bloglovin’ via Pinterest

Image Credit: Bloglovin’ via Pinterest



When we think of lemons we think bright and strong, and that is exactly what this scent brings to a work environment. Lemon scented candles are extremely fragrant, helping to boost concentration and clear the mind. When you are feeling angry, anxious or run-down, this scent is the way to go.


People usually shy away from this unique mix of sweet and spicy, which is unfortunate because this distinctive scent has so many positive attributes. Cinnamon increase alertness improves memory, increases cognitive and visual focus and relieves exhaustion. Cinnamon sticks are also great if you can’t find a candle!


Who doesn’t love the fresh smell of mint? It is no surprise that this herb is one of the best for your home office. Mint helps to fight mental exhaustion and stimulates clear thinking.

Having a big brainstorming session? Then there is nothing more perfect than the scent of mint to boost your concentration.


Image Credit: thewhitecompany.com via Pinterest

Image Credit: thewhitecompany.com via Pinterest


We all know the struggle that is Monday morning, but rosemary is here to help! This herb promotes mood elevation, boosts memory and eases psychical exhaustion. Combine this scent with your morning coffee and you will be ready to conquer the day.

Where to buy these miracles

Whether you’re an online shopper or love to battle the shopping centre crowds, there is an abundance of candle stores which can supply you with these beautiful fragrances.

  • Bath and body Works
  • Dusk
  • Glass House Fragrances
  • Soap Club
  • Candelabra
  • Ecoya
  • Peppermint Grove Australia

With all of these beautiful fragrances filling your work space there is no excuse for an unproductive day.

 Image Credit: Pure Home Couture via Pintrest

Image Credit: Pure Home Couture via Pintrest


Why not add some scented candles to your space and feel the effects?

Article by guest blogger Simone Patterson.

Until next time love your home and those within it,

Simone and Carmen x

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