Having a background in teaching, interior design and garden design has given me the perfect platform to help other women to design great working and living spaces for themselves and to add those little touches that make a home so special. I work exclusively with working women, in particular, those who work from home and who are wanting to enhance their work-from- home environment and lifestyle.


My tours to Italy are all about finding joy and experiencing beauty in a fun-filled way. I began my Design and Lifestyle Tours because I was excited about the idea of gathering a group of fun women to offer a fun and truly beautiful Italy experiences. I knew women out there wanted this and I decided I should be the one to do it. I’m here to connect women in a spirit of sisterhood and I have a range of super tours on offer for you. Check them out.


It’s simple really. I care about women and I want them to have the best home lifestyle possible. I created design classes that are simple, easy and fun and are aimed at helping women like you to transform the rooms in your own home one space at a time.

My goal was to take you from feeling stuck to being able to implement stylish ideas in your own home and to show you quick and actionable ways to change your spaces without having to do a long, irrelevant design course. Classes are online and accessible to anyone in the world and you can start them right now.



  • Has been featured in a 10-page spread in Home Beautiful Magazine.
  • Spent years as a child wallpapering, renovating and moving furniture in my dolls house.
  • Dies a little inside when I think I’m going to miss out on something. Major FOMO sufferer.
  • Who blushes and says pardon me when my clients refer to me as a genius.
  • Loves nothing more that talking business with other women. They inspire me every day.
  • Am super excitable when it come to travel and travel planning….I’m a little obsessed really.
  • Loves all things design and lifestyle…it makes me light up.



  • I was mistaken for a boy when I was nine years old because my mother cut my hair (she is not a hairdresser).
  • I am horrible at faking or lying. You can see right through me if I say I like your rug and I really do not.
  • I am pretty darn good at keeping secrets, so your secret design disasters are always safe with me.
  • I’m powerless around good food and wine, but a master at creating a home that shows my personality.


Women’s Everyday Stories

I love connecting with any woman who wants to share her story. Be it your business story, creative journey or personal journey I love hearing about it. I was tired of the mainstream media reporting on those who were more famous and had “made it big” and rather I was more interested in where women were at now and the effort and tenacity and strength they were showing in everyday life in order to succeed. So the stories you see on my #herdesignstory series are about women creating businesses and lives and the strength, fortitude and perseverance that they are showing to live their passion.

Our community is growing and hangs out at here. I’d love you to join us and you can request to join here. If you would like to share your story I would love to hear from you here.


  • I’ve been married 26 years to my childhood sweetheart who I met on the school bus when I was sixteen.
  • We have our three beautiful(when they’re not getting home late or sleeping till 11 am) children living at home. Will 21, Alex 18 and Eve 14.
  • I live in Brisbane, Australia and live amongst old school friends, many who I have known since I was five.
  • I am one of five living generations in my family. Our genes are strong! I may possibly live forever.
  • I love running my own business and creating a working lifestyle that I love.
  • I am a creator…if I’m not creating, I’m not fulfilled.
  • I am an explorer…I try new things often and am not scared to fail.
  • I cry when I watch talent shows. I love to watch people having a go at making their dreams a reality. My teenage daughter finds this a little weird.


  • Growing up in a creative household with creative parents and four siblings who were constantly making, inventing, creating and dreaming, has etched into my soul a need to express myself creatively in my life.
  • I love when the lines are blurred between work and play and I have spent most of my adult life in the quest to find the perfect balance to do exactly that.
  • I’m always on the search to find a way to live my life with the passion and excitement and an ever quenching thirst to explore new opportunities and places.
  • I have chalked up many job roles including school teacher, garden designer, real estate agent and interior designer with a number of twists and turns that have brought me to where I am right now. 

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