When I started my design school I had a dream to fulfil. I had a deep longing to run my own overseas adventures with women who were seeking to do something extraordinary in their lives. I am a creator, I’m an explorer and I am a dreamer. I dreamed of excursions where we could savour magnificent sites, colours, artistry, design, craftsmanship, so I bundled up a heap of fun experiences into a tour of joy for those who love homes, art and architecture all while savouring an enviable lifestyle in beautiful Italy (my soul country). These are no cookie-cutter touristy trips but special experiences for women who want someone to take the hassle out of the organisation and dish up a sensational holiday with other terrific women. If this sounds like something that you may just love to throw yourself (and your girlfriends into), then join ME. Here’s to doing something truly fun, joyful and special for yourself! See you on tour in 2018.