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Italy Design & Lifestyle Tour 2016

The Tuscan Countryside

San Gimignano & Volterrra

Views to the Stunning Tuscan Countryside

Taken from Volterra, Tuscany.

The Stunning old Buildings of Volterra

History and timeless beauty

Restaurants in the Piazza San Gimignano

Beautifully maintained facades of the local businesses.

When the Ancient World meets the Modern World

The terracotta rooftops housing their satellite dishes.

All Class in The Piazza

Alfresco dining at it’s finest. San Gimignano.

Time for Wine Tasting

San Gimignano Winery for Lunch…perfection.

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Design & Lifestyle Tour, Italy 2016

Antique Markets and Bespoke Stores of Florence

A feast for the eyes and the soul

Treasures of the Antique Markets

So many beautiful wares for us to take home.

Time to Rest between the Shopping

I just loved these chairs… parting with them was such sweet sorrow.

Antique Markets of Florence

Beauty surrounding beauty. So much to see!

Inside one of the Most Devine Crockery Stores in Florence

I was in my happy place here in this gorgeous building.

Richard Ginore Flagship store, Florence.

Blue and White....Goods on Show

Crockery in the Richard Ginore Flagship Store in Florence. Superb.

Leather Books and Diaries

Handcrafted leather goods in this special artisans store.

The Gallery

Design & Lifestyle Tour, Italy 2016

Baboli Gardens, Florence

The Grandeur of the Gardens

Giardino di Boboli

Girls on Tour

Baboli Gardens

Green arbours in the Upper Botanical Garden

Vasca dell ' Isola

Island Fountain of the Baboli Gardens

Anfiteatro at Giardino Di Boboli

Amphitheatre Boboli Gardens Florence

Girls Enjoying the Green Lung of Florence

Viale dei Cipressi – Cypress Alley

One of the Many Stunning Statues

Cypress Alley, Baboli Gardens, Florence.

The Gallery

Uffizi Gallery & Stunning Streetscapes

Glorious Galleries and Architecture

Uffizi Gallery Florence

Handpainted Ceilings – Bees…. Wow moment for me

Uffizi Gallery Ceilings

How about the colours.

Floors of the Tribune Room - Uffizi Gallery

The workmanship of those floors…beautiful! The room itself is considered to be a work of art.


Allegory of Spring Painting

Uffizi Gallery

Florence is filled with Stunning Frescos

Visit to Local Art Studio

The divine work seen at The Florence

Enormous Doors to the Duomo, Florence

Duomo, Florence

I just love the colours used on this stunning piece of architecture.

16th Century Palazzo Facade

Florence, Italy

Merry Go Round Piazza Della Repubblica

Florence has so many surprises

The Duomo Florence

Unbelievable detail and craftsmanship

Florence, Oltrano area

The glory of the gates.

The Cinque Terre, Italy

Colour and Creativity by the Sea

Riomaggiore Boat Harbour

The Cinque Terre, Italy

The Soft Pastels of the Buildings

Vernazza Harbour, Cinque Terre Italy


A little bit wet today.

Vernazza Harbour from our Walk

Gorgeous Colours of the Buildings

Monterosso, the Cinque Terre

Food Glorious Food

Wine and antipasto feast

Levanto Countryside Lodgings in the Cinque Terre Region

Beauty Abounds

Our Agricturismo Accommodation, Levanto Italy

Quaint accommodation in the hills of Levanto


At our glorious alfresco dining area, Levanto, Italy.


At our glorious agriturismo, Levanto, Italy.


The many steps of Riomaggiore on the way up to the castle.


The iconic symbol of Italy…the Vesper at our agriturismo.