I have you covered my friend!

I know how it goes! You know you need to work on your home because you are renovating and re-decorating. But it get’s hard and a little overwhelming at times. I wanted to give you a hand to make your design journey so much easier. Here are the ways that I can help you just a little or just a lot (not sure if this is a real saying…but anyway) I have everything from an Online Homewares Store Directory to My Room Design Kits and then my fabulous Room-by-Room Courses which help you work on completing your very own rooms in your home. These courses ensure that you go from feeling stuck to having a completely finished room. I know, it’s great right?




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Looking for homewares online and Googling yourself into a coma? I bet it goes something like this ladies…Oh, I just want to find the ah-la-perfect bits and bobs to make my home spring to life and give me peace knowing my home feels homely and authentically me. But seriously, I don’t want to spend my life searching for it in front of a screen when I can be out taking a walk or catch up with a friend. I heard you call from afar, I became as busy as a bee and whipped up (note:not quickly) a shortcut for you. I have done the sifting through mountains of Google pages to make this easy for you because I have your back and deep down I may just love you. I know you need some shortcuts so what’s a girl to do besides help a sister out.  CHECK OUT THE DIRECTORY.


Have you got a kitchen, bathroom or living room that you are planning on renovating or building new? I know how it goes. You want to create these beautiful new spaces but you are unsure where to start, and even if you have started, you have ideas, notes and papers everywhere and you’re struggling to keep track of everything in your head. After years designing for others, I decided to create these Ultimate Design Kits as a way of sharing my planning methods. I want to help you to make your journey SO MUCH EASIER. These kits are your guide and they will help you to stay focused, show you what decisions need to be made and actually help you to move on and finish your project. So if you need a little friend to guide you through then here it is. CHECK OUT THE KITS HERE


Finally, there is an option to learn about transforming the spaces in your home, without taking an expensive design course or for the aspiring designer. These quick design courses are for the everyday woman just like you, who wants to improve her home using my simple, step-by-step tips and ideas to complete your rooms and have you feeling proud of your efforts. My online courses are easy and fun and you can access them at any time, from any computer for less than the price of a few quality scatter cushions. CHECK OUT MY COURSES HERE