On a very regular basis there are a lot of free resources that I use to help me out in my interior design business. I have shown many of my clients how to use these effectively to help them with their interior design projects for their decoration, renovation or home build and now I wanted to share them with you. Dive in a take a look.




TAKE THE QUIZ –  The problem many women have is that they know that they want to improve their home spaces, but are not quite confident with their personal design style. Take a minute to understand your personal design style and learn to design and decorate authentically with your personality at the forefront. I have the guidelines to help you decide what suits your personality best. TAKE THE FREE DESIGN STYLE QUIZ and receive your FREE GUIDE which shows you how to start designing in your authentic style.

FREE INTERIOR DESIGN APPS AND TOOLS –  Personally my favourite would have to be PINTEREST because I find it so easy to collect ideas and share my ideas with others. There are so many of these free interior design apps that are useful and so I thought I would show you how and where to get them so that you too can start using them. You may not need all of these free design tools but there will be some that will become your go-to’s.

RENOVATION AND DESIGN CHECKLISTS – If you are renovating, redecorating or designing a new home then as you know there is so much to think about. Many of my clients get so confused about what they have to choose and make sure they have thought of everything. You know I love my followers, so I have made a whole load of FREE renovation and design checklists for you. Click the link below and they will be delivered to you.


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