Q.How do I create a laundry with built-in washing machine and dryer?

I have been raised in a family where the laundry was said to be a critical space in our homes and I have taken that on board when designing my clients laundries. People may say “‘Ohhh it’s just a laundry. No need to be fancy”. Well hey, I don’t care what they say because I know that laundries are important places, especially if you have a family. You need it to function like a dream, day in and day out and of course look good at the same time.  I am telling you that most laundry designs are a disgrace. Really they are! There is rarely enough storage and they are so poorly planned during the design phase of a home that it actually makes me angry. Most people who design them don’t have to work in them so they don’t care. Anyway enough ranting! Let me share some ideas.
There are a few  ways that you can go about building in your washing machine and dryer.


If you have the ability to put the machines under the bench, then there is more bench space and the laundry looks neat and tidy. You can choose to put them directly on the floor or you may build them into the cabinet so that the machines sit on a kick board. See the examples below.

Contemporary Laundry Room by Newport Beach General Contractors Patterson Custom Homes

Traditional Laundry Room by Louisville Architects & Designers Rock Paper Hammer

Traditional Laundry Room by Guilford Architects & Designers CK Architects


You can also choose to stack the machines one on top of the other. This is a great space saving idea and allows easy reach to the dryer. You must purchase a pair though, so that the dimensions are the same, otherwise this stacking idea will not look neat and tidy.

Traditional Laundry Room by Birmingham Architects & Designers VanBrouck & Associates, Inc.


A great idea if you have the space is to raise your machines so there is not as much bending. You can put storage drawers underneath if you want. The major disadvantage is that you lose your bench space so you need to ensure that you have enough elsewhere in the laundry.

Transitional Laundry Room by Calgary Home Builders Rockwood Custom Homes

So go forth if you have a laundry design project and make sure that your space is joy to be in and super functional. Drop me a line and ask me anything if you need.
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Love your home and those within it
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