So on my trip to Melbourne, I thought I would walk to Fitzroy to check out the homewares stores and the other gorgeous boutiques on offer. I love the creativity and vibrancy of Melbourne and it was just such a delightful day for exploration.

Wandering past these old buildings I am transported to the past historic buildings with the arches, red bricks and intricate detailing until that is, I see glimpses of some very uninspiring modern apartments in the rear. Why is our new architecture so behind? We’re going backwards I believe and I feel a little saddened.

I catch this glimpse of a unique little cafe on the way. I am immediately taken back to my childhood with those chairs and that umbrella. It feels nostalgic and I am returned to my youth and a huge smile crosses my face with the sheer joy of it.

Then I reach Mud Australia and it’s so darn pretty I just have to get in there FAST! Mud Australia is an Australian-designed product by designer Shelley Simpson. The ceramics are all based around clean lines and soft colours and of course, the items have to be as functional as they are beautiful. “The end result is a product that neatly intersects a minimalist aesthetic with an artisan finish. Our porcelain happily fits in any interior, providing a timeless alternative to mass produced ceramic design.” Mud Australia

How pretty is the pink? Vastly used in decor and home furnishings and fixtures in the 60’s, pink‘s not as commonplace in our kitchen’s and dining tables these days but I must say I love it so much because it’s feminine and the minimalist style makes it chic and modern. I also admired the beautiful simplicity of using fresh flowers for the styling.

I thought about us women who work from home and thought that some of these items would be very special for us to use in our home. A beautiful vase in our office, a stunning cup, and teapot, a pretty plate to eat off. These are the things that make working from home special. Why not use them in your everyday life and add that bit of extra style?

Here’s the shop front window display of Mud Australia in Fitzroy, Melbourne. I love the combination of pink, white and timber. The soft colour palette of the green, pink and blue-grey ceramics on display. I found it really beautiful.

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You can find out more about visiting Mud Australia online.

Until next time

Love your home and those within it,