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The internet has the most extraordinary amount of beautiful Christmas decorating ideas. So being an Australian Christmas, I thought I would share a few Christmas tables that suit our flora and unique way of life. Australia is hot and we are casual, so Christmas for me is all about keeping it stylish but keeping it real. Here are some of the loveliest Christmas table styling ideas that I found on Pinterest and I have plenty more Christmas decor ideas which you can follow right here.

Christmas table settings

Image found on Pinterest via Vintage House Blogspot

Any greenery would do for this table setting. Head out into your garden and take a look around. Small, glossy green leaves would be the best however anything strong and green would work. Use hessian or a natural linen to get this look for the tablecloth. White candles look great, are well priced and easy to find. Use any type of small candle holder, however, the brass does look lovely here. Set the places with white plates and a mix of glassware and some napkins to match the tablecloth, however, white ones would also work.

Christmas table decor ideas

Image found on Pinterest photographer unknown.

You can create this look by using Eucalyptus leaves, white natural ribbon (not synthetic) and simple white pillar candles. Looks lovely against natural timber for a no-fuss look and fabulous for an outdoor party.

xmas table by

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I love the little details in this table setting and they are all very easy to achieve. No table cloth is required and each element is simple to find.

You will need: Lots of clear bottles of various types, foliage from trees such as Silver Dollar Gum or similar, Rosemary for the bread roll ties. You will need some natural string to secure the bread rolls. Any cutlery will do, but the wooden handles are a nice touch. Natural linen serviettes work the best but you could use white to create a similar effect. White pillar candles and clear glassware set the whole thing off. Love it!

Xmas Festive Christmas table found

Image via Pinterest courtesy of

Instead of a table runner use leaves from gum trees or similar mixed with red apples and white candles. Simple and effective and very little cost for something so cute.

xmas table hundredthreadblogspot

Image found on Pinterest via hundred thread Blogspot

For a casual Australian Christmas table try simple gum leaves, white linen and timber.  A few little tea light candles, white plates, casual glassware and you are done. Looks super stylish.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Are you a casual Christmas table gal or do you love the full-on formal look.

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