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Italy Food Heaven in Italy

Every day that we out exporing in Italy, we are on the scout for delicious local food that will make our heart sing. This is a visual post...meaning that I just want you to enjoy what you see and you can make up your mind about the story.     We called into...

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Italy Longing for Lucca

BOLOGNA TO LUCCA So the 26-hour flight from Australia finally touched down in Bologna. Phewww! It's a long way for the travelling Aussies and it never feels like it's easy but wow it's worth it because Italy certainly excites and delights me and gives me energy. My...

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Under the Tuscan Sun in Cortona

Heading to Cortona for the Day We drifted from our villa and I jumped into the driving seat of our hire car as if in a dream. Experiencing all things Italian was making us feel like schoolgirls and yet we found ourselves in the bodies of middle-aged women. So be it....

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Restaurant Love in Florence

Podere 39, Florence We were staying near Porta Roma in Florence just a little outside the city centre and it was here that I found the most delightful little restaurant. From a design perspective, the outside just spoke to me gently and said, "Come on in Carmen, you...

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Why Italian Food Tastes so Good

What is it about Italian Food? After visiting Italy again for the last time I pondered this question and decided to put my own slant on why I think women travelling to Italy fall in love with the food. So this is my take on it I guess....and it may come across a...

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Keeping In Touch From Italy

So you are planning to visit Italy and you want to know how you can easily stay in touch with your family and friends back home. Here are a few quick tips about ways in which you can easily stay connected without it costing you the earth. We'll discuss Skype, We Chat,...

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Bathroom Tips in Italy

Is it easy to find a bathroom in Italy? Well, from a traveller's perspective finding a bathroom in Italy can be a lot more of a challenge than many other countries, so I thought I would share a few little tips to make your travel a little simpler and give you the...

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Booking Accommodation for Italy

How do you find accommodation in Italy? I have a variety of sources that I find useful for planning booking accommodation for my Italy tours. Here is a short list and a video of what sources I find useful. Booking.com Tuscany Now and More Bed and Breakfast.eu...

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Packing Tips for Italy

Trying to think about what you should be packing for your trip to Italy? Look, none of my what to pack tips are ground-breaking, but sometimes it helps to hear other ideas from someone who has done it a few times (like when I pack for my Italy Tours) Here I've created...

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Money Tips When Travelling to Italy

Money Tips When Travelling to Italy These days traveling and access to money are not such hard topics like they used to be pre-Euro.  When I first traveled to Italy as a 22 year old I had travelers checks... Haven't things got easier? But here's a few quick tips in my...

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Language Tips for Your Italy Trip

Language Tips for Your Italy Trip Do I need to speak Italian before I visit Italy? In this short video, learn a few tips about how to get by in Italy without speaking the Italian language. How much do you need to speak? Also I offer a few ways you can prepare for the...

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Should I Do The Cinque Terre?

What should you do in the Cinque Terre? Well let me just tell you here and now that The Cinque Terre has a tendency to lure you in and steal your heart....so be prepared. It's backstreet mazes lead you to some amazing, little corners and cliffs, streets and...

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Cinque Terre Colour

Our Agriturismo near the Cinque Terre After enjoying the most delicious breakfast prepared at our Agriturismo we set off to meet Erika, our local guide for the day. What is an Agriturismo I hear you ask? An Agriturismo in Italy is a certain type of farm house...

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Country & Chianti Tuscany

It’s time to hit the road and soak up everything glorious about Tuscany. So picture it if you will. Imagine lots of women, many suitcases, and lots of laughter as we head off with Fabrizio to explore this intoxicating part of the world. We are clearly pleased that our...

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Florence : Architecture & Art

There was so much to see today, yet again, so we set off early to explore Florence on foot as you do. I should have carried my Fit Bit to see how many km’s we clocked up each day! BOBOLI GARDENS We needed a hit of greenery and nature in our lives, so we headed to the...

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Shopping the Antique Markets in Florence

TRINKETS & TREASURES IN FLORENCE Antiques at the Fortress da Basso Today we headed to The Fortezza da Basso market to check out the types of homewares and antiques that are on offer for sale by the locals. We discovered a vast array of antique furniture, lamps,...

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Working Women Hanging Out in Florence

Six Women Tours Florence The day that we had all been waiting for had arrived. My dream to gather a group of six women and take them to Italy had all become a reality and here they were for inspiration, creativity and design and of course a lifestyle that included a...

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Florence’s Artisans & Alleyways

THE ALLEYWAYS & ARTISANS OF FLORENCE Uffizi Gallery Florence A trip to Florence would not have been complete without a visit to the Uffizi Gallery to see one of the largest collections of art in the world. It is one of the oldest and most famous galleries housing...

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First Encounter in Florence

ARRIVING IN FLORENCE, ITALY Bike Riding Through Florence We stepped off the train from Bologna and hit the streets on our bikes to explore the whole city. Heading along the Arno River was a glorious sight and one that left me feeling giddy with excitement? Some people...

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A Romantic Day in Verona

We (Sharon, my friend and one of my tour participants and I) headed off on the train to explore Romeo and Juliette territory to delve into the world of Shakespeare’s famous couple. With so much violence and hatred going on across the globe, I wanted to see what a city...

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Bologna Exploration Day 1- What to do

GETTING AROUND I decided to spend a couple of days in around Bologna before kicking off my Design and Lifestyle Tour in Florence. I love to ride through the streets to explore a new city. It helps me to get my bearings and when you have little time to do that a bike...

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