How to Plan Your Fabulous Italy Getaway- The Female Guide to Your Ultimate Vacation!

An exclusive online workshop hosted by Carmen Darwin and Marie Piazza.

Planning the Perfect Italy Trip

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Ever wanted to plan a trip to Italy but need to know more about how to do it. Join Carmen Darwin and Marie Piazza as we discuss the tips to do just that. We'll also go behind the scenes of Carmen's Design and Lifestyle Tours that she takes to Italy, to see how she does it.

What you’ll learn in the Worksop

How to choose which areas to visit.

Travelling to Italy solo.

How to book beautiful accommodation.

Logistics – Money, language, bathroom, keeping in touch.

How to get around Italy.

What to pack for your Italy vacation.

How to add beautiful experiences.

How to make sure you have the time of your life.


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Find out all about the my exclusive Women's Tours to Italy



Here's what you get as a bonus for being part of this workshop.

  • $500 off any tour when booked with this promo code TOUR500 (Put into comment box on registering)
  • $500 off for you and a friend $500 off any tour when booked with this promo code TOUR500 (Put into comment box on registering)
  • Free Design Session and Design Plan for your workspace or home space that needs style and design valued at $895 when you sign up for a tour.
My Italy Tours


Here's what you get as a bonus for being part of this workshop.

#1 What to Pack for Italy Guide - Carmen's super guide a checklist to get to on your way.

#2  Seven Days to Restart Your Fitness - Marie's Guide to Kickstart your Fitness

When I started my design school I had a dream to fulfil. As an interior designer, garden designer and educator I had a deep longing to run my own overseas adventures with women who were seeking to do something extraordinary in their lives. I am a creator, I’m an explorer and I am a dreamer and for years I had dreamed of excursions where I could take women with me to savour magnificent sites, colours, artistry, design and craftsmanship, so I bundled  a heap of fun experiences into a tour of joy for those who love homes, art and architecture and a free lifestyle and took us off to Italy in search of beauty.
I created tours for women looking for something bespoke and intimate and a far cry from the cookie-cutter touristy trips that were on offer. I wanted to take women to magnificent parts of the Italy and I did just that. 
Now I want to share exactly how I did that with you so you can create your own fabulous Italy getaway. Join in the live chat and find out how you too can take the ultimate trip to Italy.

Carmen Darwin
Carmen Darwin

My company is I am Ready World, redefining “experiences worth sharing”. My business Marie Piazza The Home for Shape up Your Lifestyle serves as an intentional guide for the courageous ageless woman over 45 who wants to live life at her finest.
I help women online entrepreneurs transform from “nothing fits” to fit and fabulous. So, they say YES to getting their passion workdoneandfittingintotheirfavorite clothes again. I work on Mind, Body, Freedom & Soul, taking the mystery out of self-care with ease and confidence for work and play. Marie believes that women traveling to improve her emotional and physical well being is highly important and is why she advocates women taking tours of sisterhood like Carmen's.

Marie Piazza
Marie Piazza