Quite simply, I help you make design and organisation decisions 

that will improve your home lifestyle.

Home Design & Lifestyle Support for You – Worldwide


Here’s how it works when you work with me.
You may need a little bit of design & style guidance or everything laid out for you.
Either way, you’ll have a clear direction so you can move forward with creating beautiful, organised home spaces. 


$135 AUD

Let me answer your design and organisation quick questionsand expert answers. This will help you to move on from feeling stuck about those Q’s in your head.


$450 AUD

Get the plan of attack for the makeover on your workspace or home space. Move forward with clarity and focus for your beautiful new space. Let me be you support crew.


$895 AUD

Let me take care of the design idea and plan  your  space, style look and feel? I’ll take care of all the details and you simply follow the full guide to a completed room.




  • You’d like to run your ideas by someone in the design field?
  • You know what you want but need a few questions answered to feel sure?
  • Want to make sure you are creating a workspace or home space in the right style?
  • Aren’t sure about the colour combinations you want to use?
  • Need a bit of advice about stylish storage solutions?


  • Do you want a plan for how to proceed with creating a more beautiful & practical workspace or home space?
  • Want to make a change and need design advice and direction?
  • Feeling a little unsure about exactly what to do with your space or the colours and style to choose?
  • Need a hand to create a checklist of what to do and in what order to proceed?
  • Want a great looking workspace or home space and need support to get it right the first time?


  • Would you like someone to come up with the total design for your room?
  • Want a total transformation of your workspace or home space but don’t know where to start?
  • Feeling frustrated by you lack of progress do design a room yourself?
  • Want someone to give you the roadmap and designs to get there?
  • Needing a support person to ensure you spend money on the right things?
  • Want a shortcut past the design decisons and straight to the plan.


How do we meet to talk?

Meetings are scheduled via an online meeting scheduler which will convert to your time zone.

We meet via Skype so it’s face to face wherever you are in the world.

Any follow-up notes will be sent via email or a shared document depending on your package.

What are the benefits of working with you?

Working in a really beautiful workspace is not just something you can see in Elle Magazine. If you want to have a business that you love and a brand that you’re proud of, you need to hang out in spaces that are actually creative. Sounds simple enough right? Your fresh set of eyes is right here. I’ll make it that much better. And that much better means that much more beautiful, organised, creative and productive. My Workspace Room Revivals are like taking a holiday in the Maldives: they refresh your mind and soul, remove the stress factors, inject some real life, and align with your personality and vision. No I don’t have a magic wand or a genie bottle (but would love one) but you and I are a bit like Alice….wildly curious and on an adventure to create something we love and are proud of, and that needs to happen in Wonderland, not the rabbit hole.

What can you help me with exactly?

I’m going to show you how we can do this thing and get your home back on track. Together we’re on a mission to beautify those bland rooms — so you can finally work in spaces you love and are proud of (Awwww…)

You may want to make your workspace design really work wonders for you.

You may want to add some life and style to your living space.

You may need some organisation ideas for your home.

You may want to have your workspace or homes pace plan done for you.

Do I need to be all techy to work with you?


If you can Skype, open and email and click on a link then you will be perfectly at ease working together. I’ll make it simple…I promise.

What if I can't find a suitable time to book you

Please email me at hello@carmendarwin.com and we’ll sort something out no problems.

Not sure what you need? Book Your Free Design Powwow and we’ll go from there.

If your workspace or home space needs help then you’re in the right place… let’s get together and chat.

During this free session, we can get super clear on what your ideal outcome is for your home and how we can move forward and make things so much easier for you.

I designed these sessions for women who want a beautiful workspace or home spaces and need a guiding hand to create something really lovely. Apply below and let’s get moving on this at no cost to you.

“I’ve loved what you helped me create!”

I’m am not surprised you received an award and I am sure you will receive many, many more. I do not walk into my home now without gazing around and know how much I love what you created! Seriously blows me away!


“Carmen’s enthusiasm for what she does is contagious”

Carmen’s enthusiasm for what she does is contagious, and I am always confident in the guidance and expertise she offers me, her attention to detail, her respect from her clients and her skilled awareness in getting the best possible outcome for everyone she works with. I am lucky to have met someone as lovely and professional as Carmen and look forward to using her on my next project.


“Carmen has the perfect combination of creativity” Anastasia

Carmen has the perfect combination of creativity, practical advice and flair. Carmen recently helped us with designs for our 1930s home – her suggestions and designs were fantastic she really helped us maximise the use of space and avoid making decisions which restricted bedroom layout options. I highly recommend Carmen for design and decorating advice large or small.


“Carmen was great from the start”

She provided me with wonderful hints and tips that were inexpensive and ideas on ways to incorporate our existing furniture. Carmen was professional, friendly, extremely helpful and affordable. We jump at the opportunity to tell our friends and family about Carmen and recommend her to anyone friends who wants assistance knowing how to add style to their home.  


“Carmen really had a vision for what my house could be”

Carmen really had a vision for what my house could be and made me believe that the changes would be for the better. I give credit where credit is due because she showed us how we could transform my home into something way greater than we could ever have dreamed of.


“Thank you for being an inspiration!”

Thank you for being such an inspiration in all your work that you offer women working from home. I look forward to growing our friendship and helping each other succeed.


“I was floundering and idea-less!

I was floundering and idea-less with our home renovation ideas until Carmen lit the spark with her suggestions for how to progress. She nurtured rather than directed me throughout and lead me along the journey. A big thank you Carmen, for all your help.



My schedule of clients includes women who have a vision but get stuck in the process of making design and organisation ideas come to life. I have experience across a wide range of home renovation and interior design projects. I’ve helped design entire home renovations, tiny bathrooms, beautiful cafes, walk-in-pantries, multi-student accommodation and commercial and home offices. But what I’m really passionate about most is helping women in a work-from-home business to create the most beautiful and organised spaces that she can.

My work and home were featured in Home Beautiful Magazine and I’ve been interviewed for podcasts about homes and creativity. I have a background in education which means I know how to break those tricky design decisions down into step by step actions. I make each part of the design process easy to digest. I help you find your inner designer so together we can partner to create something amazing for your home where you share your life with the people you love.