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Property Styling, Paddington, Brisbane

I was approached to style up one of the properties she was putting on the market for an overseas vendor. With only a few basic pieces of furniture in place, it was time to shake it up and  make it looked loved and lived in while remaining fresh and inviting. With a small budget to work with, my own styling items and some art loans from a friend of mine, I was able to transform the space within a couple of days.


Kitchen Design and Renovation, Bardon, Brisbane

Karen and Shane contacted me because they were in search of a few colour and design ideas for their kitchen renovation. Most people generally know what they like and what they want, but get just a little caught out trying to sort out the finer design and colour details of their project. We fine tuned the practical elements of the kitchen plan to ensure that their family of four could all use parts of the kitchen at the same time. This meant a bit of “tweaking”to the ideas that they had. We also made sure that the colour pallet suited the existing colour scheme and was easy to live with. They were so thrilled with the result and have found the kitchen a joy to use on a daily basis. Just a little bit of advice and guidance is often all one needs to get the look and feel right for their homes.


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Home Renovation, Newmarket, Brisbane

Lyn and Andrew knew that their home was looking tired and run down and needed a bit of TLC. Not only that, they were a space deficient and in need of an ensuite and another bedroom for their boys as they were growing older. Despite many plans that they had drawn up, the cost associated and the plans themselves just didn’t feel right. I suggested that they keep things simple by using existing space rather than digging out, building under and raising the home. I felt that we could utilize the space on the long generous sleep out of their old Queenslander. This is often a really underutilized space or a space that people try to make use of for a bedroom and yet lack of privacy can often become an issue. We combined a tiny old room with the space of the sleepout by removing a wall. Instantly the change was amazing as we created a really large room with perfect Eastern aspect and plenty of natural light. With the remainder of the enclosed verandah space, we made a beautiful ensuite separated from the main bedroom by lovely white shutters. The result was amazing. After repairs to the external timberwork, a new coat of paint inside and out, the timber floors were polished and the home was bought back to life. It was a fabulous outcome and Lyn and Andrew were thrilled with their new spaces.

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 Home Renovation, Ashgrove, Brisbane

When Fran and Chris came to me they were a looking for some real direction with their project. They were lost in a sea of ideas, loose plans all while trying to manage a home that clearly wasn’t servicing the size of their family. They had initially thought of building underneath and raising the house which would have been an enormous financial cost and also a big interruption to living in the house while the renovation was undertaken.  I had concerns about the cost of retaining walls and drainage but more importantly I felt that is could potentially be a bit being damp and dark. When I saw the amount of land that they had out the side of their generous corner block, I suggested that they build out instead of under and from there the idea was born. With pencil in hand, I sketched up two options for a new wing on the north-eastern side of the home. We discussed whether this could be a separate bedroom wing for the teenagers or if it could potentially be a main living space. We decided on the former idea and set about creating a light and airy bedroom wing for the teenage children. My main concern was to ensure that every dollar they spent on the house needed to create  greater space and  functionality all while improving the property value and aesthetics. We wanted it to be in keeping with the rest of the home so that it looked liked a part of the original. When I saw the beautiful job that the carpenters and cement renderer had done I was so delighted with the result.

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Home Renovation, Bridgeman Downs, Brisbane

Helen contacted me after hearing about another home renovation project that I had done in her street. They were desperately short of space with their growing teenage children. I created a new level by sacrificing a small part of a lower bedroom and introducing a staircase to the next level. Upstairs I designed the space with windows along the Northern side of the level to gain maximum light and breeze. The new area included a huge master bedroom and ensuite, large sewing room and a home office. Downstairs we gained a guest room and rumpus room. The result was a home that looked like it had always had two levels. They were delighted with the result.


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Garden Design, The Gap, Brisbane

Lisa and Shane came to me with the hope of creating something special in their back garden. They had an idea of what they wanted to achieve but really needed a solid plan to work from. With a backdrop of beautifully established gum trees and quite a bit of bushland, it was easy to see how we could blend the new garden into the existing space. With both of us having a love of traditional gardens, we set up to create a symmetrical garden plan using  a circular garden bed and urn as the central focal point. Using a combination of Magnolias, Jasmine, Verbernam and ground covers, we transformed the space into a tranquil, highly visual garden to delight the senses. The garden is low-care, always green and showered with flowers as various times of the year.

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Garden Courtyard Design, The Gap, Brisbane

Carmen and Mark invited me around to help with the selection of the colour scheme for their renovation/extension of their family home. It became a problem when I could not intuitively find the front door. When I saw their amazing, new outdoor room come off the kitchen, I suggested that they needed a dedicated new entry so guests could arrive directly to their new entertaining room. I began to draw up plans showing them how they could create a gated entry with an intercom. This served a double purpose as they were able to make the entertaining space private and secure as well as they would now be alerted when guests arrived….something that had been a bit tricky before. They were not only thrilled with the new colour scheme but so excited with the new entry and the improvement it had made to the front of the home.


Garden Design, Ashgrove, Brisbane

Mark and Joanne were wanting to upgrade their driveway and garden to complete the renovation of their home. I knew that they needed to make an impact at the front of the home. While in Melbourne at the Garden Design Show, I had spotted these stunning rusted metal light boxes. The laser cut design really appealed and I knew that it was just what they needed to create the wow factor….it certainly did the trick. Up close to the house I designed a dry creek bed with low, hardy plants surrounded by river rocks and soft garden lighting. To make the access to the home more interesting I included a timber step up to the front entry as a change in level always adds interest to a garden and home. The driveway was quite long so I broke up the huge expanse by adding some black cobble paving. From the house and driveway, there was a direct view of the neighbours roof and the bank was steep and dangerous. By using large lengths of hardwood for the posts and introducing horizontal stainless steel wire, we were able to create a fence along which we could grow jasmine to partially screen out the roof and allow a physical barrier between the driveway and the bank. Nicer than a solid wall as it still allows for sunlight, light and  breeze for the bedrooms on the lower level.


Garden Design, The Gap, Brisbane

Gaynor and Rob were in the process of building and were needing advice and direction on how to create the front garden of their new home. They were considering a sloped front yard with grass and a few plants until I planted a new seed…pardon the pun! I discussed the idea of forming a terrace area by leveling the front yard, integrating a rock wall and  creating a series of timber steps down to the front door. This would enhance the interest  to the property from the street and  more importantly, it would  give them another space to entertain directly out from the kitchen.