I would not technically call myself an artist, but rather a dabbler. Over the years I have enjoyed the creative experimentation that comes with producing works of art, almost always to donate to school events to raise money, or to adorn my own home. It has been nothing more than a hobby where I can let myself and ideas go and enjoy the pleasure of seeing ideas come to life. Here are just a few of the works that I have managed to take photos of as many of the pieces I failed to photograph before they left my hands and went out into the world somewhere.


Many years ago I stumbled upon an artwork which was complete inspiration for this work. I loved everything about it…the colour and the free-spirited flow of shape. I set about creating my own version of it, weaving my children’s name into the fabric of the shapes and stating my intentions in words into the paint. I have never found out the artists name to give them credit for the idea, so if anyone knows I would love to hear from you.


I created this Face the Foliage works on a warm, sunny winters afternoon in Brisbane. I had been out gardening when I remembered seeing a challenge on Instagram for #facethefoliage started by Justine Blakeney. I set about collecting plant life from my garden and Xena was born! See it on Instagram @carmendarwin.


This is yet another piece that was inspired by an artworks I happened upon somewhere in magazine or internet land. I am unaware once again of the artist who inspired this piece, however I loved the idea of it. This painting now resides in my lounge room where I can enjoy in when the cold of winter kicks in, and we cosy-up around the open fireplace to enjoy company and wine.


I was asked to donate a painting to my son’s school for an auction approaching for the school ball. Always having had a bit of a fetish with maps (which was started by my mother, and still continues to this day) I decided to paint a map of the local area around my son’s school. It is an area rich with my childhood memories and my life history, so it felt important to create a work that reflected this. Created with watercolour and black ink.


Only recently have I become interested in photography. I have always been a pretty hopeless photographer, but on my recent trip to Europe, I fell in love with capturing the beauty I saw around me and believed that it was a wonderful way to capture my daily memoirs. I certainly am no expert and have a long way to go, however I have used my Instagram page to shares my love of things that I find beautiful and this journey in pictures and it has provided me the opportunity to always keep my eyes open to the beauty that is around us every single day. Instagram @carmendarwin