I help the woman who works from home

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A more beautiful home working environment.

A special place where she can “Go Pro” and create greater success.

A place that supports her and allows her to be the best version of herself.

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Your Working Life Can Be More Successful

Chances are your home-working environment is holding your business back. You may be making money but you’re not thriving. When you look around you don’t like what you see or how it makes you feel.

Your Working Life Can Be More Rewarding

What you need is a guide and some simple strategies to show you how to transform your home working life so you can become highly focused on creating a business that brings more good into the world.

A Work Environment “That Supports You” Is Key

A home workspace that’s organized, beautiful and functional gives you the ability to create with clarity and enthusiasm. Once you have that in place you’ll have the head space to take your business to the next level.

Hi I’m Carmen

Does Your Home Office Perform for You?

Chances are you may “make do” with any kind of workspace, don’t think it’s critical to business success and doesn’t need your attention. It’s a lie you tell yourself. Deep down you know how it looks, feels and functions affect your happiness, productivity and business.

What I Discovered…

I found out that when women improved their working environment the results were huge. Happiness skyrocketed, work increased and more revenue started to flow. It flowed on to their family and friends. Working with structure, organization and systems allowed a clear mind and a sharp focus. Having a space that made them feel good, allowed them to do more good in the world!

I Want You to Change Your Story

“When you honour the space that you work in each day you are honouring your self-worth, your business and your mission to give all you have in this life.”  I really believe that the world needs what you have. Make sure they get it.

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“Carmen has the perfect combination of creativity, practical advice and flair.”

Anastasia Ellerby

Design Client

“She listened to my ideas and helped formulate a beautiful plan to go forward.”

Angela Whyte

Design Client

“Carmen’s enthusiasm for what she does is contagious.I am always confident in her guidance and expertise.”

Julie Rainbow

Design Client

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Carmen Darwin lives in Brisbane Australia. Through her online school, coaching and consultations, she strives to inspire women across the globe to create home working environments that create a happy and successful working lifestyle.

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