Blank walls need not overwhelm you when it comes to choosing the right way to dress them. In this article, we look at five simple wall decor ideas that you can easily achieve yourself without breaking the bank.


I think that the notion of a dream catcher above your bed is such a lovely one. We need our dreams as they are the seedlings of reality. Good dreams or bad, they are all helping us to create a mind that is healthier. If you would like to make your own dream catcher you will find many tutorials on YouTube but I always think that dreamcatchers like this one, which uses natural and neutral tones, is peaceful and stylish. By suspending it with a natural branch in it’s raw state, it tends to ensure a connection to nature and to your spiritual being. Why not try making one for yourself.

Dream Cather Wall HangingsImage Courtesy of Pinterest
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A while back I was designing a space for student accommodation in an inner-city building here in Brisbane. There was a large wall that was in the internal stairway and it looked drab and uninviting. I had the idea to bring the outdoors in by creating a vertical green wall. Now that was impressive looking but it came at a cost and a drip watering system. This was complex and required a professional company to install it. So it got me thinking about how to keep a green wall so simple that anyone could do it. So below you can see how a simple shelf with trailing plants is easy to set up. You simply remove the plants to water or ensure that you have a plate or container to catch the water overflow.

Take into account that you need light and air….plants are living and need the right conditions just like you and I need a healthy environment. Visit your local nursery and ask them about the suitable kinds of plants that you could use for your space.

Vertical Garden Wall Hangings
Image Courtesy of Pinterest
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This would have to be one of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to create a wall feature. Simply find a branch that is the correct length and thickness. Add string and attach your black and white images using a strong tape or by punching a hole in the top of the image. Use double-sided tape to fix to the wall to stop them spinning and flapping about. You can have your images printed online at companies such as Vista Print or at a store such as Office Works.

Photo Hangers
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I must admit that plate walls like this remind me of my grandmother. For as long as I remember she has had a superb selection of blue and white plates and platters displayed on her kitchen wall and it’s funny how much it has been a signature decorating touch in her home. It’s so easy to create a wall like this but the secret is the connect the plates by a common denominator such as colour. You can then go onto vary the size and shape because they will still relate if colour is the key. When hanging them, keep the central line at about eye level and then space them fairly evenly. Tip: Place them all on the floor first to get the layout right before hanging them. You can find the plate hangers at your local hardware or if your prefer not to put holes in the wall, purchase a heavy-duty double-sided velcro tape to do the trick. You can simply peel off the tape and move them around without damaging your walls and this type of tape can hold a large amount of weight.

Plate Walls
Image Courtesy of Pinterest
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When I was a kid I use to swing my arms around in a karate-style move and shout out “Ha Ya! Look out I’m an expert in Macrame (Karate). The joke never got old (well I didn’t think so, but my siblings weren’t convinced) and nor does a beautiful macrame. I think this example here that I found on Pinterest (source unknown) is so beautifully created. I would suggest ALWAYS using natural wools in earthy tones and steer clear of synthetic fibres….they are cheaper for a reason…they can look cheap. You can find wall hangings like this on Etsy and well as many other homewares stores online. Just Google it.

Macrame Wall Hanging
Image Courtesy of Pinterest
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