Hello There, I’m Carmen

I help you to add more Beauty to Your Home Working Environment & Working Lifestyle.  

This is a place where women come because in their home they want to create a business and personal brand with more beauty. I give you the support that you need to create spaces that light you up and help brings you the success and lifestyle that you desire. If you want a more beautiful workspace, videos studio space, stylish biz touches and a more beautiful lifestyle to share at home with friends and family …..then I am your gal. Now you are here I want to welcome you 😉


I love helping women to bring more beauty and style into their business and their working lifestyle. I want you to love your business, I want that business to help you to shine your own personality, style and pizazz on the world.

I don’t want your work to get in the way of your family, friends and your home life so I want to help you find ways to make everyday living a bit more beautiful in easy ways.

If you need free design and lifestyle support you can join my free Facebook group The Design & Lifestyle Sisterhood here to ask your design questions and share your wins.


It’s not like this all happened to me quickly and I was designing dreamy workspaces for superstars and frolicking around in Italy without a care in the world. For years I was trying to be everything to everyone, designing houses from scratch, choosing colours and designs for new kitchens, creating renovation plans for that new living room wing, designing new gardens, styling accommodation for sale….the list went on. I knew that there was more to my life’s plan. 

I spent long hours in front of my computer, defining who I was and what I wanted to contribute to the world. There were women throughout the world who needed me and what I could do for them using my combined 30 years of design and teaching experience. I gave up TV. I gave up time with my friends. I put on weight. I skipped exercise. 

Many hours journalling and deep thinking. Many products and courses created that never saw the light of day.  I realised that I had been focused on serving everyone and when you’re talking to everyone you’re talking to no one. I realised personally that working alone at home can get hard and that as women we often don’t allow ourselves to create spaces just for us, for our own needs and desires. We put the needs of family before ourselves. But running a business requires we step up and go PRO and that’s what I wanted to help women to do.

So now I help women who run their business to create a beautiful working environment and lifestyle and one that shows her personality. I also knew that I wanted to take women to Bella places and experience Bella things….I guess I haven’t looked back. Welcome to The Design and Lifestyle School where we talk all things Design & Lifestyle for you and your home working environment and business brand.


I love connecting with any women in business who wants to share her business story. I love hearing about your world and other women who work from home need these stories. I was tired of the mainstream media reporting on those who were more famous and had “made it big” and rather I was more interested in where women were at now and the effort and tenacity and strength they were showing in everyday life in order to succeed in their own business.

The stories you see on my #herdesignstory series are about women creating their own businesses. I wanted to help give you an insight into how they tick, what lights them up and the highs and lows of running a business from home. If you would like to share your story I would love you to APPLY HERE.


  • My desire for freedom was fuelled by riding my motorbike through the bush in outback Australia when I was just five.
  • I was mistaken for a boy when I was nine years old because my mother cut my hair (she is not a hairdresser…mmmm)
  • I am horrible at faking or lying. You can see right through me if I say I like your rug and I really do not.
  • I am pretty darn good at keeping secrets, so your secret design disasters are always safe with me.
  • I’m powerless around good food and wine, but a master at helping you create a home that shows your personality.
  • My work has been featured in a 10-page spread in Home Beautiful Magazine so yeah..I’m pretty proud of that.
  • I light up when I see women excited about their new spaces. It’s a reward for me that never gets old.
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Carmen Darwin lives in Brisbane Australia. Through her online school, coaching and consultations, she strives to inspire women across the globe to create home working environments that create a happy and successful working lifestyle.

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