Need a Personal Cheerleader

To help you Create Your Bella Vita Life


Now you are here I want to welcome you!

I’ll Help You To

Create Your Life By Design

Start creating the life that you dream about. 

Live the Bella Vita Way

Tour to bella places with belle women. 

Do the Big Things in Life

Let go of “Sally Safe Pants” and be a bit more “Risky Rhonda”.

Love the Bases, Places & Spaces You Choose

Create your bella lifestyle, bella places and bella spaces. 

“I’m just a woman with a passion to help others to add more beauty into their world.”


  • My desire for freedom was fuelled by riding my motorbike through the bush in outback Australia when I was just five. Now I am a freedom junky.
  • I am horrible at faking or lying. If I see you hiding in the shadows and playing small, then I’ll call you out.
  • I am pretty darn good at keeping secrets, so if any design disasters are always safe with me.
  • I’m powerless around good food and wine, but a master at helping you create a lifestyle that lights you up.
  • My work has been featured in a 10-page spread in Home Beautiful Magazine so yeah..I’m pretty proud of that. I can help you create a magazine worthy home too.



  • Life is short and you’ve got to play it big.
  • There is no such thing as the perfect time.
  • Don’t put off what you want to do. Find a way.
  • Taking risks is part of the plan. Go for it
  • Better to try and fail than to never try at all.