Antiques at the Fortress da Basso

Today we headed to The Fortezza da Basso market to check out the types of homewares and antiques that are on offer for sale by the locals. We discovered a vast array of antique furniture, lamps, old posters and photos, vintage books and lots more. There was so much that I could easily take home with me but with weeks of travel to go I had to part ways, kicking and screaming as I left these beauties behind. Close your eyes and picture six women at an Italian antique market and you get the idea of the excitement we felt.

We really enjoyed scouring the market for unique items and chatting about things we found that we loved. The market is on the third weekend of the month in Florence and I timed our tour to coincide perfectly with this market.

antique markets 2Ladies Enjoying the Antique Markets

antique markets 1The markets are full on store just like this..

San Marco Museum

What an amazing place this was. I took a leap of faith on visiting this museum on the back of great reviews I had read about it. It is a former monastery and now houses an art gallery which houses works by an acclaimed renaissance painter Fra Angelico (1395 – 1455).The San Marco Museum is home to stunning architecture, art, and the frescos absolutely delighted our senses. The artists of this era created such awe-inspiring works and it is hard not to be inspired by the love and detail that went into these works.

High-End Fashion – The Art of Window Display in Florence

For many of us, we can only imagine what a true shopping experience is with the likes of Gucci, Armani, and Ferragamo. We strolled through the alleyways enjoying the gorgeous stores and viewing the creative window fronts on Via Tornabuoni and Via Della Vigna Nuova.

The Ponte Vecchio

We stepped over to the famous medieval stone bridge lined with quaint stores that have been in existence since the 13th century. Sitting above the Arno River, it’s had quite a history of being destroyed by floods but luckily it was rebuilt and now there she now sits looking so pretty.  Such a delight for the eyes.

antique markets 5The Ponte Vecchio Bridge

antique markets 1A beautiful way to end a day in Florence

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