There was so much to see today, yet again, so we set off early to explore Florence on foot as you do. I should have carried my Fit Bit to see how many km’s we clocked up each day!


We needed a hit of greenery and nature in our lives, so we headed to the Boboli Gardens which was literally around the corner from our apartment. This place is the “Green Lung” of Florence and one of the most notable gardens in Italy. The old oak trees, flowering shrubs and the myriad of lavish statues and fountains made this a memorable morning. As a garden designer myself, I admired the large-scale planning and foresight that went into the design of this garden with its prolific detailing. Dating back to the 15th Century the garden with its long tree lined avenues was the perfect antidote for six women on tour in a city.

florence boboli gardens 2

boboli garden 1

florence boboli gardens

florence boboli gardens 4


Everyone talks about the big galleries in Florence like the Uffizi, but Pitti Palace drew my attention and I felt that it was a must see. Attached to the Boboli gardens this enormous palace, built in the 1400’s was such a treat. Once a residence to the Medici family and now houses some of the most important museums in Florence. Take a peek at what we saw there. I mean how much stuff can some people produce in a lifetime? The vision of the likes of Bartolomeo Ammannati who was responsible for the grandiose courtyard design. I just love the scale on which these designers worked. They obviously had an extraordinary vision which I guess helps when their clients have a large stash of cashola at their disposal. Mmm, I would love to find myself clients like the Medici’s!

florence pitti palace 3


florence pitti palace


florence pitti palace 2


florence pitti palace 4


Yes, of course, we are hungry again. I know you are being judgemental and thinking that we have only just eaten and maybe we are being a little bit indulgent. Well, there is no time for excuses here because being in Italy does that to you and the sooner you get over the guilt and self-loathing when you arrive, the better! We headed to this gorgeous little wine bar called Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina which was near Pitti Palace, a special little spot offering a wine tasting lunch. They served up delicious local wines and an accompaniment of delicious local food. What can I say but bellissimo!

Stay tuned for the next part of our Italian adventure!

Until next time,