About the Collection

Book, Journal Kit, Papers and Cards

The ‘Empowered Woman’ Collection consists of Carmen’s book ‘What Now Sisters?’ and reflective journal kit ‘Create Now Sisters’, downloadable journal papers and greeting cards. Everything has been created with Carmen’s own aesthetic of beauty, style and authenticity. Carmen was inspired to write and create the book and these journals during her cancer story and she now wants to share them with other women as a sister.

The Book 

I had to write

‘What Now Sisters’

by Carmen Darwin

A personally curated book about Carmen’s cancer journey story written to her Facebook Sisterhood from the moment of diagnosis through her treatments, days of concern and moments of joy and heartache.

The perfect gift for someone struggling with cancer or other life challenges as a way to feel supported and understood.

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The Creative Journal Kit

‘Create Now Sisters’ the Reflective Journal

This handcrafted journal resource created by Carmen Darwin matches each chapter of the book and allows you to indulge in creative journalling and soul searching at times when you may feel lost, sad, lonely, or unwell. All the help you need for a more hands-on and creative journalling experience.

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Handcrafted Journal Papers 

Extra pages of images and papers to make your journal pages come to life.

Made by Carmen during her cancer journey. The downloadable papers include botanicals, trees and papers.

'What Now Sisters?'

Navigating Challenging Times with my Sisterhood

by Carmen Darwin

An inspirational memoir comprising 53 personal letters written to the women in her life from the moment of her breast cancer diagnosis throughout her whole story. Carmen takes you inside her world in real-time through heartbreaking moments as well as times of courage and acceptance.

This book will make you feel understood in those moments of darkness. It is a book about acceptance and learning to embrace this one precious life. Beautifully crafted with imagery and illustrations by the author, ‘What Now Sisters?’ makes this a visually appealing read. 

'What Now Sisters the Journal'

by Carmen Darwin

This hand-crafted journal is an accompaniment to the book ‘What Now Sisters’ 53 letters written to the women in her life during Carmen Darwin’s breast cancer story. It matches each chapter of the book and allows you to embrace creative journalling at times when you may feel lost, sad, lonely, or unwell. Using your hands and creativity is therapeutic for both mind and body and is a way of creating something unique as a representation of that time in your life.

The Creative Journal Kit

My Creative Journalling Kit is full of hand-created designs for your own journalling practice. Downloadable and ready for you to cut and paste into your own journals. Ready for publication.

Bespoke Journalling Papers

Downloadable Journalling Papers to cut, paste and tear for your own journals. Finding it difficult to find journal papers inspired by nature, Carmen has created her own and nows shares them with you.

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