The Bounty of Bali Tour

Feb 20-27, 2019

Discover The Bounty of Bali

Through a Designers Eyes


Artisans Homewares Beauty Design Architecture Inspiration

What to Expect

Incredible Experiences
Connect with Other Women
Daily Lessons
in Design & Lifestyle
All Activities Planned
But Plenty of Time for Yourself
Super Shopping
Buy Amazing Homewares & Wardrobe Items.
Amazing Food
Indulge in the  Local Cuisine 
No-Drama Women
Connect in the Spirit of Sisterhood 

Your Opportunity


I believe that as we get older we don’t just want things…we want experiences that go with it. Bali is a known treasure trove of remarkable handmade homewares, bags, jewellery and clothing. Virtually everyone who comes to Bali who wasn’t intending to buy leaves with stunning handmade creations. If you want to find something beautiful to bring home, this is the place.

But like many places, market shopping can be challenging, especially with limited time and unfamiliarity of currency, customs, and bargaining. Choices can be many and pretty soon the whole process is overwhelming. You’ll start to ask:

“What should I buy?”

“Where should I go?”

“How much should I be paying?”

“How do I negotiate the price?”

Imagine having someone who could show you how to curate a beautiful selection of homewares and clothing that fit your preferences and budget. Imagine having a personal designer in your back pocket. Add to that a bundle of fun and beautiful experiences every day with a group of great women.

Join this Design & Lifestyle tour where you will enjoy beautiful sites and experiences, inspiring architecture, shopping safaris and delicious foodie moments. Enhance your home, enhance your wardrobe, enhance your personal life goals, enhance your love of the bespoke, enhance new friendships.

Your Itinerary

DAY 1 – Wednesday, Feb 20 – Arrive and Revive

Arrive at the villas and freshen up before enjoying a fresh cocktail and getting to know each other. We’ll chat about the upcoming week and what we have in store for you. Your private clothing and homewares night market stall will be available tonight….we bring the market to you. Tonight enjoy a welcome dinner with that special Bali vibe.

Today’s Lesson: Choosing items for your style and personality. What to look for.

DAY 2 – Thursday, Feb 21 – Shopping Safari

Today we will head to some of the areas of Bali which are the best for clothing and homewares shopping. I will be here by your side to advise you on the right items for your home. We do this early in the week in case you want to bring an empty suitcase and create a new wardrobe.

Today’s Lesson: Creating a home environment with timeless items.

DAY 3 – Friday, Feb 22 – Island Time

Today is an early start to do something very special. We’ll head to some of the nearby beauty spots to do something unique in Bali – like hike a mountain to watch the sunrise. We’ll head to a super restaurant for lunch and have the afternoon at your leisure.

Today’s Lesson: How to forward plan your future self.

DAY 4 – Saturday, Feb 23 – Pamper Day

Think yoga, time by the pool, spa treatments and massages. Let’s make space for some you time today.

Today’s Lesson: Taking care of you in your working life.

DAY 5 – Sunday, Feb 24 – You Little Beauty

Today we head to some really special and beautiful places that are uniquely Bali. You are in for a real treat as these are far from the regular tourist sites. Relax and let us take you there.

Today’s Lesson: Photography scavenger hunt with a difference.

DAY 6 – Monday, Feb 25 – Choose Your Own Adventure

You are free to choose what you want to do today. This is your holiday and I want you to relax and enjoy every minute the way you like. I will have a list of wonderful things to do and places to see and you will never be alone. Do as you please or buddy up with your new friends….it’s up to you. Even if you stay and read by the pool it will be incredible.

Today’s Lesson: The stories you tell – How important are your stories in your success?

DAY 7 – Tuesday, Feb 26 – All Shall Be Revealed

I think a little surprise is always welcome. All will be revealed at the getaway. Tonight we will enjoy a special farewell dinner together.

Today’s Lesson: Face the foliage creative challenge – Using the beauty around you to create.

DAY 8 -Wednesday, Feb 27 – Farewell Friends

Time to say goodbye and farewell to your new friends…It’s been super. You can continue on with your Bali holiday or head to the airport. Whatever you choose to do I have an expert team to help you with your individual planning.

Your Unforgettable Holiday Includes


  • 7 nights in simple Balinese villa/home accommodation.
  • 1 x Welcome cocktail
  • 7 x Breakfast daily
  • 1 x Welcome dinner
  • 1 x Farewell dinner
  • Daily lessons – To improve your design & Lifestyle
  • Help with planning if required.
  • Single rooms or shared rooms are available.
  • Your ‘What to Pack for Bali Guide’.
  • Your  Bali Guidebook – preparing for your holiday

Your Sightseeing Experiences Include

  • 1 x Bespoke Shopping Safari
  • 1 x Mountain Climb Day or Bike riding
  • 1 x Secret Mystery Tour Day
  • 1 “Free to Be Day”
  • In-home market stall night
  • Island exploring activities


Invite a friend to get your complimentary full body massage each.


  • Lunches, two dinners & alcohol not included



Option 1: Pay in Full -Shared Room

  •  Pay in Full = $2495 AUD
  • Payment Plan – Deposit $679 + 3 Payments of $679

Option 2: Pay in Full – Own Room

  • Pay in Full = $2795 AUD
  • Payment Plan – Deposit $753 + 3 Payments of $753


*The trip fee does not include your flights or your compulsory travel insurance. You cannot join the tour without your own insurance.

All deposits and tour fees are non-refundable but are transferable to another person.

This is not a cookie-cutter style of trip. This is a trip all about bringing women together in a spirit of sisterhood, non-judgement and fun.


Who Is it For?

When you arrive somewhere new, the first thing you want to do is get out there and explore. It can be hard even knowing where to start.

I wanted to create a tour that takes the pressure off busy women who wanted to take a women’s trip to see the authentic, creative and beautiful parts of Bali without having to organise the holiday.

I think you would love it if:

  • You’d love to buy beautiful homewares for your home with a designer to guide you along the way.
  • You want to see creative people at work sharing their talents and skills.
  • You want to enjoy beautiful sights.
  • You fancy a bit of pamper time
  • You want to learn more about creating a life and home with more design and a happy lifestyle.

What They Say


“There are many highlights. However, if I can only choose one, it would be the company of the lovely women on the tour (including yourself Carmen) who all shared the same passion for travelling on an adventure.”


Carmen made me feel at ease from the very start and she was helpful in every way. Any questions I had were answered very promptly and with a lot of knowledge. The inclusions which were offered on her tours makes the decision to come very easy.


It was a great opportunity to spend some quality time with other like-minded ladies who enjoy travel and meeting new friends. It was so easy being “myself” and being accepted from the start. I had to pinch myself “several times” and kept telling myself it was great to be alive and to have this fabulous opportunity to be able to do one of Carmen’s tours.


Carmen puts her heart and soul into creating these tours, making it a very memorable experience which for me which I will always treasure and never forget.

 Beautiful Personal Shopping  

Your Accommodation



  • 7 nights in a private 4000sq foot villa. 
  • This architecturally sumptuous family home is nestled in the emerald green rice fields minutes from the heart of mystical Ubud. A blend of New York loft style, Javanese antiques and french farmhouse comfort, our home is meant to be enjoyed with friends and family.
    Tropical gardens surround the pool and farmers meander by tending to rice and ducks. Tranquil. Beautiful and decadently comfortable. Let yourself sink into the magic of the island home.
  • Multiple bathrooms
  • The rooms are clean and fresh with a rustic aesthetic.
  • Multiple rooms, full kitchen, lounge, 
  • Delightful gardens and private pool to enjoy
  • Massages available
  • Private cars can be organised for transport whenever required.
  • Staff to prepare fresh food daily.
 Beautiful Shopping  

I Really Want You to Come if:


  • You want to hang out with incredible women.
  • You want to learn more about design & lifestyle.
  • You like to witness the beauty of THE REAL BALI
  • You dream of hanging out in the rice paddies.
  • You love having long leisurely meals in beautiful places every day.
  • You want to reignite your creativity and design knowledge.
  • You enjoy meeting new people and making new friends.
  • You always embrace having fun and enjoying each day.

I Not Sure This is for You if:


  • You don’t like sharing time with a group of amazing women.
  • You can’t handle a bit of heat and rain…this is Bali!
  • You don’t like having fun….you are too serious.
  • You aren’t prepared to make a few of your own simple decisions.
  • You are a drama queen when everything does not unfold perfectly.
  • You want a big tourist group and guides with flags.
  • You are not prepared for a little adventure and daily creativity.
  • Don’t want to eat delicious, authentic Indonesian food every day.
  • You are scared to travel with people you don’t know.
  • LOT’S OF FUN scares you!

How is This Tour Different?


  • There are no huge buses, big bustling groups and guides with flags. This is a personal tour with 10 women max and we are all about nurturing fun and frivolity within a small group.
  • You are not going to stand in long queues and waste your precious holiday time. We are going use every moment of your time in Bali to do unique and interesting things that big tour groups don’t do.
  • You will have free time to do things that you want to do. There is no pressure…if you don’t want to do something one day then simply opt out.

Why I Run These Tours


I have been dreaming for years about creating a trip to Bali for like-minded women to travel together and to be inspired by the design, creativity, craftsmanship, colour and vibrancy of Bali.

I believed that with so many women working both inside and outside the home, that there were not many opportunities for them to connect and network in a holiday setting without the hassle of organising it. So I wanted to be the one to do it and the Bali was born.


Why I Run These Tours


  • I’m a creative soul with a love of travel.

After visiting Bali I just knew that so many women would love to do the same as me and experience the country from a design and lifestyle perspective and I wanted to bring women who wanted that together.

  • I want to do things with other women that I’m passionate about

We work hard and life is busy. I want to create something super-special so we can just live life to the full for eight blissful days. It’s about finding yourself, igniting your passion and renewing your zest for life.

  • I have a love of handmade, craftsmanship and items of timeless beauty.

These are my passions and they fuel me and most probably you too. I wanted to share all of these things with a group of women who will appreciate and connect with them like I do.

  • I love spending time with real women who are fun, adventurous and happy.

Tours that are serious are not my cup of tea. I embrace life in a fun and friendly manner and this will be no different in Bali. We’ll squeal with delight when we find that perfect piece for your home or a stunning bag that you fall in love with. Most of all we will support and embrace the sisterhood that we create because I am passionate about bringing amazing women together who rejoice in the beauty of life.

  • I want to share what I know after years of designing for others and being in business.

Each day I want to share a little of what I have learned about creating a home and life we love. I want to help you to be more expressive with the goals you have for your life, to practice finding simple moments of joy in your home and work towards doing things in your life that you truly love.

Everything is Planned for You!


I have spent crazy amounts of time planning this getaway so that all of the thinking and organising is done for you.

That means you can just enjoy coming to Bali without the stress! #stessfreeholiday

  • Personalised Service and Support

You are not dealing with a large company here. You are talking directly to me. I will answer your questions and help make the decisions so much easier. I am just a phone call or email away.

This means that if you are unsure about something, then you can just ask me directly. If I don’t know, I’ll find out.

  • Travel Planning Assistance

We work closely with a travel agent in Australia who can help organise all of your flights and travel details. She is here to help you to find the best-priced flights on the dates that suit you and at rates to match or better those you can find online.

Don’t waste time Googling, just ask me to put you in touch.

  • Private Facebook Group

As a special guest of my tour, You’ll receive an invitation to join my private Facebook Group for registered guests only. This is a great way to connect with others before you go, ask us questions and maintain friendships when you return.

This brings us together before we even leave and makes staying in touch fun and easy.

Your Questions Answered


Do I need to dress super fancy Carmen?

No. This is a very casual holiday so you will need cool, smart casual day wear, some walking gear and a couple of nice outfits for dinner. High heels are not necessary. Please travel light as you because there are many shopping opportunities to buy lovely things.

  • Are my flights included?

No. You will need to book your own flights because everyone is welcome to come along no matter where they live and whatever carrier you prefer to use. Maybe you have frequent flyer points that you would like to use?  We are here to help you and with my own dedicated travel agent by my side, we can help with all your flight and travel planning. Just ask me.

  • Do I need my own travel insurance?

Yes. You must have your own travel insurance to come on the tour and will need to provide copies of the insurance to me prior to departure. Without travel insurance, you cannot join the tour.

  • Can I travel before or after the tour?

Yes. You can definitely take advantage of being in Bali and head to any number of amazing places. We can help you with that. So many choices…

  • Do I have to be fit and healthy?
Yes. You must be fit and healthy as the tours require a lot of walking during the day. If you suffer from any major illness or health issues that you cannot manage yourself with ease, unfortunately, this tour cannot provide the level of care you may need.
  • Why aren’t some lunches and dinners included?

I want to keep the trip flexible and on some days we will choose to go and do our own thing which gives you the chance to eat when and where you like. If we do eat together for lunches and dinner, the women in the past tours have set up a kitty to make payment at restaurants easy.

  • What is the story with alcohol?

Just contribute to the cost of alcohol if drinking with your meal. If you don’t drink alcohol then that is okay but please be aware that it will be a part of many of the lunch and dinner experiences and if you find it uncomfortable, this may not be the tour for you. Wine is very expensive in Bali but cocktails and beer are well priced. You can bring a couple of bottles of wine duty-free

  • Is the itinerary likely to change?

There may be a few little tweaks to the plan, but ultimately it will say very similar. Plans change depending on weather, restaurant availability and group decisions made on the day. I like to have a solid plan, but I am also open and flexible to changes, which is the way I like it and why I like to travel with a small group.

  • What if I choose not to do an activity?

Please notify me prior to the tour if possible if there is something that you choose not to do. If you decide on the tour not to do an activity then that is perfectly fine however the tour will proceed with the planned itinerary without you. We can certainly assist you with alternative ideas.

  • Who will I share with?

Please nominate when you register as to whether you want single or shared accommodation. If you are travelling with a friend and have nominated to share, then I will ensure that you are together. All accommodation is simple Balinese style and each room has a simple bathroom. All rooms have a beautiful outlook on either the pool or rice paddies.

Can I come alone?

Of course. That’s what this is all about. Just turn up and you’ll fit right in and we’ll make sure you’re right at home.



Option 1: Pay in Full -Shared Room

  •  Pay in Full = $2495 AUD
  • Payment Plan – Deposit $679 + 3 Payments of $679

Option 2: Pay in Full – Own Room

  • Pay in Full = $2795 AUD
  • Payment Plan – Deposit $753 + 3 Payments of $753


*The trip fee does not include your flights or your compulsory travel insurance. You cannot join the tour without your own insurance.

All deposits and tour fees are non-refundable but are transferable to another person.

This is not a cookie-cutter style of trip. This is a trip all about bringing women together in a spirit of sisterhood, non-judgement and fun.


Need to Ask a Question? Then Drop me a line.

© 2018 Carmen