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You as Your Own Personal Brand

I was due to go to a party recently and I was asked to dress in the theme of Woodstock and so I as I was heading to my wardrobe I mentioned to my son’s girlfriend that this is easy for me because…

I just can’t do this anymore

Ever had the moment where you’ve thrown your arms in the air and just thought, I can’t do this anymore!

The 3 Biggest Mistakes when Hanging Art

I think that hanging art can be quite hard and I see so many mistakes being made in people’s homes so I wanted to share some quick tips with you.

Do Something that Scares you Every day

It is understood that Eleanor Roosevelt, is responsible for this quotes but here’s what she actually said:

Why Do you Work From Home?

Did you want flexibility and freedom to make your own decisions about what working life looked like for you and to be great in your work as well as great in your life.


It’s Time to Work on Your Dream

Working for yourself on creating a business that you love is exciting, challenging and rewarding. Nothing beats growing your own dream.


The Path to Freedom

Self-Expression. You always hear the words self-expression bandied around as though it’s easy
But you know that others may not understand your ideas, dreams and vision for your ideal life.

Daily journal happiness ritual

I truly believe that one of the most important things I do every day is to have a daily ritual to help with my personal growth.

Why we play small

The fact is most of us are playing small. I don’t mean we’re not living a good life, but how many things have you thought of in the last 30, 40, 50 years that you wanted to try.

When you really have to just back yourself

Ever felt you were trying to achieve something and you’re looking around to everyone else in your life to validate your idea or give you the confidence to go for it?

Are You Sowing Your Seeds for Tomorrow?

Today is the perfect day to start planting your seeds for tomorrow. To have a fulfilling life you have to keep growing and we can’t do that if we don’t even take time and courage to plant our seeds in the first place. 

Do You Ever Lose Confidence in Your Idea?

Today I’m talking to you about the times when you’re inspired to do something in your home or your life and then you think…

3 Things Affecting Your Happiness

Have you ever wondered why you wake up some days feeling less than happy?

Work from Home? You’ve Gotta to Have Faith

Working from home on your business can be a hard gig but we’ve got to believe in ourselves and back ourselves.