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Experiencing Trastevere Rome

  MY MAGNETISM TO ITALY In my final schooling years whilst studying Ancient History, my fascination with ancient Rome was indeed one the most powerful memories of those school years. My teacher displayed slide upon slide of her travels and I was hooked by the...

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THE WONDERFUL SIGHTS OF PARIS Worn cobblestone paths, ivy clad walls, meticulously-detailed carvings, grand doorways to the hidden passage beyond. Today I travelled by vesper to experience it all. Paris had so much to show me and it was dripping with the design,...

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My Time in Le Marais Paris

2015 DESIGN & FREEDOM TOUR Surreal doesn't even begin to describe it. Visiting Paris for the first time in 25 years had me spinning with a heady mix of excitement and sensory overload. One minute Brisbane, Australia and 26 hours, 6 meals, 4 movies and no sleep...

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My Design & Freedom Tour of 2015

EUROPE AWAITS In a couple of days I have the fortunate opportunity to head to Europe. This trip is about family, fun and finding the very best design inspiration to fuel my soul. The creative ideas, the learning and of course the visual feast that awaits me has me so...

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Having a Wallpaper Flashback

A MOTHERS OBSESSION WITH WALLPAPER  Some families collect shells, some collect books, others collect puzzles. My mother collected wallpaper. She had some strange love affair with it and now I know why….it’s glorious stuff. Mum would negotiate with the wallpaper shop...

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Cubbies & Cordial

BUILDING CUBBIES IN MY CHILDHOOD As a child our home was always a place to create and build cubbies. We would generally create the structure out of furniture and throw large sheets or pieces of fabric over them. With five kids in gathering mode we would drag in food,...

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Architectural Love Affair

INFLUENCE ON ME AS A CHILD When I was a young child my mother took us 5 children on a guided tour of Brisbane. We visited the Brisbane City Hall, The Treasury Building and other nearby attractions. In the city hall I remember the lift ride to the tower and being taken...

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The Dolls House Effect

WAS IT THE DOLLS HOUSE? I have taken my mind back to my childhood to see why I continue to pursue this design lust of mine. Why have I continued to seek out design and why it is that I have not been content to create a career out of any other avenue? So I reminisce...

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