A women’s-only, boutique guesthouse in the heart of Toowoomba within walking distance to the CBD and many beautiful parks. Available for individual guests, small groups, and women’s retreats. It features bespoke styling by owner and interior designer Carmen Darwin and is truly unique accommodation.


Boutique Designer Accommodation

Offering 4 Special Rooms

1 King room

1 Double room

1 Queen room

1 Private VIP Queen Suite

The Collector Suite

Queen Bed, smallest room, shared bathroom

$170 per night 

The Botanist Suite

Double Bed, private sitting room, shared bathroom

$180 per night 

The Explorer Suite

King Bed, private sitting room, shared bathroom

$190 per night 

The Naturalist Suite

Queen Bed, VIP private room, ensuite, balcony

$240 per night 

The Collector Suite

Queen Bed

As I grow older each year of my life I become addicted to finding beautiful things. I can’t help myself and on my travels overseas, hunting through op shops or wandering the streets I always find something and bring it home.

Welcome to The Collector a small suite full of unique things collected over many years. I hope you find your stay here unique and interesting.

Features: queen bed,  tea and coffee facilities, clothes rack.

$ 170 per night  

The Botanist Suite

Double Bed

I’ve always had a love of plants since working in the garden with my family as a child, and then later in my life as a garden designer.

 The room was inspired by time in nature and being in this space will make you feel happy and relaxed.

Welcome to The Botanist suite an ode to all those out there on the planet who love their trees and plants. 

$180 per night 

The Explorer Suite

King Bed

I’ve always been an explorer, seeking out new and interesting places and  finding the beauty and wonder in the world.  My love of handmade artifacts and utilitarian items have been collected on my travels and have made my way into my home.

 Welcome to the Explorer Suite a room is full of such things collected on trips, picked up in second-hand stores, or handed down in my family.

$190 per night  

The Naturalist Suite

Queen Bed, VIP Private Suite,

Private Ensuite & Balcony

The naturalist room is large space inspired by Carmen’s love of natural fibres and textures such as wood, leather and linen. It features wallpapered walls, cosy carpeted floors and a private ensuite. Step out on the balcony and enjoy the garden by day and stars by night

Welcome to the Naturalist Suite a room that will make you feel a sense of luxury and comfort during your stay.

$230 per night 

Address: 232 Campbell St, Newtown Toowoomba

Phone: 0412 861 718

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