traditional room ideas Classic Style

Via Pinterest – athomearkansas.com

I must say that I do have a soft spot for classic decoration and design. Needless to say that I am drawn to it and I find it a peaceful style to live with if not too formally executed.

If you too have a bit of a love affair you may find this useful. Use this combination of colours and finishing styles to create something similar of your own.


1. Colours

Black, grey, taupe, navy, white, soft blues, creams

traditional colour ideas Classic Style

Classic bathroom scheme. Photo via Pinterest – thecreativityexchange.com

2. Furniture

Timber, gold, black, nickel, white

Plump, comfortable or studded armchairs and sofas.

Built-in cabinetry for maximum display and storage

Display cabinets with glass doors for display

tradtitionalfurniture Classic Style

Via Pinterest – highstreetmarket.blogspot.com

3. Fabrics

Velvet, linen, heavy cotton, embroidered

Patterned, floral, plains

Heavy duty, good quality

traditional fabrics Classic Style

Classic style colour palette Via Pinterest – Ballardstylestudio.com

4. Accessories

Gold and silver frames

Timber, crystal, natural leather boxes  and trays

Patterned china plates, vases, bowls

glass and silver styling Classic Style

Styling the classic style way. Via Pinterest- nellhillsblog.com

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Until next time,

Love your home and those within it,

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