Our Agriturismo near the Cinque Terre

After enjoying the most delicious breakfast prepared at our Agriturismo we set off to meet Erika, our local guide for the day. What is an Agriturismo I hear you ask? An Agriturismo in Italy is a certain type of farm house accommodation and the word is a result of combining the words tourism and agriculture in Italian. Our agriturismo, like the majority of them, produces much of the food it serves or sources it locally, resulting in fresh, tasty meals prepared in residence.

cinque terre 3Not a bad spot for breakfast!

Hiking to Volastra

They call spectacular Volastra the sixth town of the Cinque Terre in the province of La Spezia region, Luguria. This tiny town with less than 150 locals sits proudly on the hilltops which provide wonderful views out and across the ocean.

cinque terre 9Our hiking trail…

What to see in the Five Villages of the Cinque Terre

We hiked across to Corniglia through vineyards and woods, drinking in the beauty of this gorgeous part of the world. We then set off to see Monterosso and Riomaggiore. Here are just some of the stunning things that we saw today on our explorations. There are five villages in total and include Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore.

cinque terre 8

cinque terre 5

The Colour of the Cinque Terre

This Unesco World Heritage site has become notable for good reason. The colours are simply breathtaking and magical by day but even more incredible but in the glow of the evening light. The buildings are not perfect but the colour makes up for that, enhancing the charm and allure of the Cinque Terre. I love how buildings in Italy are left to age gracefully and that is what I love about these little towns and buildings.  You can read more about that here in this post I wrote

cinque terre 1

cinque terre 4

An aperitif on a gorgeous cliff top bar

We wound down the day in this gorgeous place. The pictures have all the words. It is simply perfect when you mix six women with colour, friendship, the Mediterranean and evening aperitifs at a cliff top bar. We are in heaven. Perhaps you would like to experience the Cinque Terre with a group of women on my bespoke tours.

cinque terre 6

What do you think of the colourful buildings? Perhaps you have been here or would like to join me on one of my tours. I would love to hear what you think in the comments below.

Until next time, love your home and those within it,


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