Design & Styling 

Clubs, Salons, Restaurants, Cafes, Stores, Motels, Hotels 

Concept Design

Floor Plans

Cabinetry Design

Storage Solutions

Greenery & Planting



Mood Lighting

Artwork & Wall Treatments

Screening & Privacy Solutions


Initial Session


This 2 hr package helps you to get a big-picture vision for how you can make your business space look fabulous and attract the right customers and clients. 


Total Concept Plan


This service gives you a whole concept and development process so we can start planning how to make your business stand out and make clients and customers love what you offer.


Finding What’s Needed Your New Design


I get out on the road and find the right furnishings, finishes, fixtures and solutions for your project.


Transformation of Spaces with Unique Styling Ideas


Finish off your spaces with details that bring it to life. It’s the last 10% that makes the difference but it is almost always overlooked.


* Air Hair Salon re-design project 2022

37 Russell St,

Toowoomba City