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Support for Women with Cancer or Illness

Feeling Challenged?

Whether you’ve just found out that you have cancer, you’ve somewhere on a separation journey or you’re affected by the emotions of your a significant loss, sometimes we can feel lost and alone.

It can be confronting, frightening and lonely dealing with all the emotions that arise and at times it can feel overwhelming.

We wonder if through this time of loss and pain if we can find our spirit again and strive for those dreams we held so dear.

At first, you thought maybe you couldn’t find peace or happiness again, but now you’re realising there is so much more that you want to do, be and have and you want to find space for that in your life again.


Hi, I’m Carmen.

I know a thing or two about the challenge of cancer and life rolled into one. In one six-month period I was diagnosed with cancer, both my sons moved out of home, I lost my 29 year marriage and I said goodbye to our beautiful family home and moved into a rented unit.

There was shock, grief and hurt as I faced my future each day yet I tried to embrace the challenges in my life and found the strength to move forward and at times I even flourished

Each day I focussed on finding the beauty through my daily practices which involved creativity and self-expression. That was my secret sauce and what emerged were creative outpourings that far outweighed anything I could have ever imagined for myself. This place here is the result of that.

Get Ready

Connecting with other women through those difficult times was the key. I shared my story, exposing my deepest thoughts and fears with vulnerability and my community of women extended their hands and hearts to me.

My program, mentoring, books and cards  are my way of extending my hand to you, to let you know that whatever hardship you are in on your cancer journey, you are not alone. 


The good news….no woman who works with me ever stays the same. So I want to invite you to take your first step in finding your way forward despite the challenges and through creative thoughts and actions to design a life that’s more beautiful despite where you are at right now. 

Decide right now that it’s time to let go of what is holding you back. Roll up your sleeves. You’ve a life to live.

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This free Beautiful Life Priority Planner will get you started on doing the things that you dream of doing in your home, daily life and for yourself.

Get ready for your transformation

Start a fresh page on your life! 

Choose your own adventure

Decide the best way for you to start!

Do those BIG things you’ve dreamed of

Move forward and start doing! 

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Books, Stationery and Journal

Carmen’s Empowered Woman collection of books & stationery created with her own sense of beauty, style and authenticity. Styled and photographed using old books, handcrafted items and natures collections.


Together Let’s Move You Forward

From out of your challenges, I’ll show you creative ways to process your emotions and build a happier life at this very moment in time. It’s time to find the joy within you.

My 1:1 mentoring will help you take action and have you achieving little milestones that make a huge difference to your days.


Born to Do Big Things

Find out how to create your next life chapter that nourishes your heart and helps you to find more beauty, passion and adventure each day. You’ve got more to do with this one precious life so let’s get started!

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