As a child our home was always a place to create and build cubbies. We would generally create the structure out of furniture and throw large sheets or pieces of fabric over them. With five kids in gathering mode we would drag in food, pillows, mattresses, music and we would hang out in them for hours. Our motorbikes were often used to drag items up and into the bush to make a special little home among the gum trees, weeds and lantana. We would play house in there for the entire day, sweeping the dirt floor till it looked welcoming.

cubby house cubbies

Playing in the dirt making little homes. Photo via Pinterst Found on premeditatedleftovers.com

As a parent I have to continually remind myself that children need to be creative and to do that they must be allowed to make a mess and I need to get over it. In my opinion super tidy houses with everything perfect is only okay when visitors come, but I rather like visiting a home where you can feel the creativity of life that goes on inside those walls. We just have to  let go and enjoy all that our home brings even if that comes with mess

cubby house 2 cubbies

Photo via Pinterest found on examiner.com

Until next time

Love your home and those within it,

Carmen x