In a couple of days I have the fortunate opportunity to head to Europe. This trip is about family, fun and finding the very best design inspiration to fuel my soul. The creative ideas, the learning and of course the visual feast that awaits me has me so utterly excited.

My personal tour kicks off in Paris on my own, where I will explore the city on a vesper drinking up the local atmosphere and pretending to be Amelie. I have a cute little apartment booked in the trendy little district of Le Marais, which I will use as my base.

Then I’m on to Rome like Audrey Hepburn in Roman holiday. I love that movie! I will take in the sights while meeting up with my sister Lisa, brother in law Shane, my niece Jasmine living in the Netherlands, my nephew Campbell living outside Milan and nephew Tom living in London. It’s going to be all about the family enjoying the company, exquisite food and the fine architecture.

Then it’s on to Amsterdam to share a very special time with my mother cruising down the Rhine from Amsterdam to Budapest. Design, architecture, art and checking out some of the worlds most beautiful places is high on our agenda as we head from the Netherlands to Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.

amsterdam 3


Istanbul awaits us next as we delve into the world of spice markets, mosques and the Grand Bazaar. Such an exciting and interesting time to be heading there and a first for me.

Such an exciting,vibrant place where I can search out some amazing textiles and basque in the sensory overload that is Turkey.



Final stop…  hot-and-sticky Singapore to delight in the Botanical Gardens and a few Singapore Slings. Time to unwind, reflect, gather all my thoughts and ideas to bring back to my world of design.

So that’s it in a nutshell. From here on in I shall be posting regularly. If you would like to follow the blog then keep in touch. I hope to bring you loads of beautiful pictures, some creative ideas that I see on the way and a piece of an experience that will no doubt become a strong memory throughout my life.

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Until next time,

Love your home and those within it,

Carmen x