Simple Gift Giving For Busy Working Women 
Carmen Darwin, Design & Lifestyle Coach for Women Who Work From Home
September, 2017
Today we are going to talk about easy gifting ideas and a few simple tips can help you stay on top of it. It really helps to keep things simple when it comes to gift giving because as working women there is always so much to do and not always a lot of time. Today I am going to talk about the simple touches of giving, not on a huge or glamorous level, but back to the heart where gift giving originated. The saying it’s the thought that counts is really the key here. I have a few go to’s when it comes to giving at short notice. Here are a few of my tips to think and make gift giving easier for you.
easy gift ideas for women
1. Have Thank You Cards on Hand I ordered a whole box of custom Thank You cards from which I absolutely love. I use them for all of my clients, when I am invited to dinner, a thank you after an event. Having a whole box of them makes it simple. A card is often enough of a gift and is so quick and simple.
easy gift ideas for women

“If you always have what you need on hand, gift giving becomes simple and comes from the heart.”

2. Pick Some Herbs or Flowers from the Garden It’s lovely to be able to pick a bunch of fresh Rosemary and tie it with a beautiful string or ribbon. So simple and a quick and simple gesture. I also think that greenery from a shrub is also beautiful regardless of whether it has flowers or not. If you don’t have any flowers or herbs in the garden, then buy a potted herb and wrap it in brown paper. With herbs readily available at the local supermarket this is a quick fix gift.

3. Keep a Gift Stash on Hand When the sales are on, use that opportunity to purchase some lovely items for your gift giving cupboard. Otherwise, I like to set aside a day every now and again when I am at the shops to buy gifts to have on hand. With online shopping and stores with Etsy, buy local or handmade to give your gift that special touch. I also stock up on more cards and gift wrapping essentials while I am at it. It feels nice to never get caught out and feel under pressure not having those things on hand.

4. Have a Wrapping Station or Card & Paper Basket  Keep your paper, cards, tape and ribbon all together in the one spot. I have a wrapping station with a shelf and lots of ribbons to access. I feel like Martha Stewart when I use it and it brings me joy (obviously I’m easily pleased). It makes gift preparation tidy and also enjoyable. I also collect nice catalogues from homewares stores or clothing stores. Some of them are produced on high-quality paper and so I repurpose them as wrapping paper or I’ll use wallpaper also which is a trick I learnt from my mother.

5. Old Fashioned Baking Works a Treat When cooking why not double the mix and keep some for the family and some to gift. There are so many amazing bakeries nowadays so if short on time or enthusiasm then feel free to buy and package. Yep you don’t need to lie about it (or maybe you can) but it’s great to put them in a nice white or paper brown box and tie with some quality ribbon and a gift tag. Who doesn’t want food rather than something that may sit in a drawer?

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easy gift ideas for women
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