Why You'll Want to be an Empowered Woman Member

Empowered Woman Membership


Does this sound like you?

You are on somewhere through your cancer story and know first hand that your days can get tough.

You’re wanting to give yourself a chance to heal and focus on being positive but just watching Netflix and reading books doesn’t always cut it.

Your heart is telling you want something more for you.

You want to find ways to add more beauty to a situation that at times feels overwhelming and difficult.

Here’s Something for You..

The Empowered Woman Membership is for you if you want to get busy with your hands, tune into your heart and move your head into a positive space.

Each month we work on finding creative ways to process our thoughts and emotions and lift you to a space where you can grow and learn more about yourself. Cancer can be a time to change our life and a time to focus forward on what you want life to look like next.

I’m here to take you somewhere special! Carmen Darwin


6 Month Membership

Online & Accessible Anywhere

Fit in with your treatment schedule, your work, family and your life. It’s easy to access at any time and place that is easy for you (even while you wait for your appointments). Now that’s good news.


Creative Lessons

Learn how to create your journals and start bringing beauty to your pages. Let me show you how to document what’s going on in your life, record what’s happening and let your creativity flow from your heart to your page.

Each Month

New Theme

Each month we will be working to create our beautiful life journals. Each month we explore a new theme to help move you into a place a joy and freedom of expression. 

Positive Support

Together we Focus Forward

No matter what is happening right now, finding things to focus on an move us forward is super important to your story. We keep things fun and light and ensure you move into a space of beauty.

Extra Bit of Love

Bonus motivation

 To keep you smiling, dreaming and believing in yourself.

Beautiful Member’s Area

Easy login any computer anytime.

Access all the monthly projects, inspiration classes, planning resources, tips, action tasks and resource library at a time and place that suits you.

No matter how your life rolls you can access the member’s area any time you like on any device. It’s your one-stop shop 24/7!

Resource Library

Your resource library to help make creating your bella home and lifestyle easier. The resource list will constantly grow to ensure you have what you need all at your fingertips.

You’ll Get..


✓ Creative Lessons 

✓ Access to monthly themes and activities

✓ Private login from any computer anytime

✓ Encouragement and Support 

✓ Email access to Carmen to Ask Q’s

✓ Resource Room for Daily Inspiration

Plus Your Bonuses!

Free Diary & Journal 

See it it’s Right for You?

Receive FREE access to your digital diary and journal. Everything you need to start writing and creating.

Money Back Guarantee

See it it’s Right for You?

If you join The Empowered Woman Membership and if it’s not your cup of tea then that’s okay. I only want you to stay if you LOVE it and I really hope you do.

Simply send me an email within 7 days and I , give me your feedback and will refund your money no problem. 

Frequently asked questions

When does the membership start?

The doors are open for you to start right away! You’ll instantly get access to the membership and your welcome module.  You will have full access to the membership for each month that you are a member. If you don’t think it’s a good fit then you have 7 days to trial it. No refunds will be issued outside of our 7-day guarantee policy.

How do I access the program?

You will receive an email within 24 hours with your personal login details and you can directly login to access the beautiful online hub. Each week for you will receive an email with the new content for that week. The great thing is that it is fun and having someone to show you what next step to take is a game changer.

Who will benefit from The Empowered Woman Membership?

Any woman who wants is somewhere in her cancer story either recently diagnosed, undergoing treatment or post treatment. Anyone who wants to create a beautiful journal and do creative things to evolve her head and heart.

What kind of people can get results from the program?

Any woman who wants to heal through creative means and wants a little more beauty in her days.That said, I’m realistic that it may not be for everyone, which is why I have a 7-day money back guarantee.

How can I fit this into my busy life?

I understand life is busy so I have made it very easy for you to access the membership anytime on any device. The classes, tips, resources and tasks are kept short and simple to make it easy for you to fit this in with your lifestyle. You will need to prioritise a bit of time each week to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the membership.

How can I talk to you if I don’t feel confident to post in the group?

I know that this can be a personal journey and asking your questions in The Evolution House Society on Facebook is the best way to benefit other women. If however, you don’t feel confident asking questions publicly in the group, you may use the Designer in Your Pocket Private Questions Portal. Your question will be answered in the Facebook Community (Your name can be withheld if you prefer).

I’m not sure if I can afford it?

I don’t know your personal financial situation, but what I do know is that compared to the cost of cancer treatment this is a very small investment for the great benefits you will gain in your life.

What can I expect each week?

Each Month: New Theme

Includes videos, new resources and easy actionable tasks for you.

How much time will it take?

Allow about 1 hour per week to start seeing change. You may want to work more on your project and go a little deeper if you wish. Of course more action you take the greater the impact on your life. If you schedule this into your calendar then this will ensure you make the time needed to complete the fun projects that I have in store for you.