This morning we took the ferry and departed for the southmost village of Portovenere which was yet another beautiful village on the west coast of Italy. Some refer to it as the jewel of Liguria. Taking the ferry was a wonderful way of viewing the villages from the outside in.

portovenere 1

portovenere 2

portovenere 3

Portovenere Village

We enjoyed this little place very much as we explored sites such as Town Gate, Church of San Lorenzo, castle Doria, The Mills, Arpaia Cave, Church of San Pietro and the Palazzata. I don’t like to go crazy with the sightseeing on my Italy Tours, but rather find a nice balance between trying to live the lifestyle while viewing beautiful things. Rushing like crazy from one monument to the next is certainly not my cup of tea.

portovenere 5

portovenere 7

portovenere 4 .JP

portovenere 9

portovnere 6

So what did you think of Portovenere? Do you think it is a place that you would like to visit? Please let me know in the comments below

Until next time, love your home and those within it,