Bike Riding Through Florence

We stepped off the train from Bologna and hit the streets on our bikes to explore the whole city. Heading along the Arno River was a glorious sight and one that left me feeling giddy with excitement? Some people don’t get a kick out of seeing and doing new things, but I for one do and Florence already had her claws in me from my first visit in 1990 when I fell in love with her for the first time on a Contiki tour with my childhood friend Michael.

Here is a picture of me on that tour in 1990. I could not afford to do many of the optional extra tours back then but funnily enough, I must have found enough money to buy the most stunning leather shoes that I wore for many, many years.

Me in 1990 Florence

The great Contiki Tour of 1990 when I first fell in love with Florence.

Oh and yes, I kept this handmade and very 90’s crafty travel diary with all of my daily ramblings and just about any memorabilia I could find to stuff the pages.

Contiki diary

                                        My crafty Contiki 1990 travel dairy…Mmmm stylish!


Contiki diary

 Yep. I collected every bit of memorabilia that I could on that trip

But today I just have this blog to unleash my ramblings on any poor suffering soul who cares to read it! Who would have thought that that young girl back then would be running her own Design Tours in Italy? Funny how life unfolds isn’t it. Here are the booklets for the tour which will become a travel diary for the ladies and a little step up from my padded, frilly diary.

The Sights of Florence Today

Here are just some of the beautiful sights I saw in Florence today. If I put them all in I risk boring you stupid so here is the culled result. Photos of Florence, Italy.

Local Florence RestaurantLocal Florence Restaurant

Architecture of FlorenceArchitecture of Florence

Florence HillsideBeautiful Landscape

Florence 4My accomodation – amazing traditional Italian decor

Florence 6The good stuff! – Local Restaurant Decor 

Do you remember ever having a travel diary? Did you ever do a Contiki tour? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Until next time, love your home and those within it,


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