I think that sharing what I know is part of the fun in this business, so here are some of the tools that I know you will find super useful in your design projects. They are free so go ahead and explore them and let me know how you got on. Did you find something that is now your new addiction? I hope you find them useful. Happy designing, Carmen xx

Pinterest is the most wonderful tool for collecting all of your design ideas in one place. I find it valuable for my clients and students. Here you will find your Pinterest starter guide to setting up your Pinterest account and creating boards for your home project. Download your FREE guide here.
There are so many people out there who love Houzz for it’s fantastic content, inspiring design ideas and the free online advice that you have access to. You can also access homewares and businesses in your area and modify your account for your own country. I have created a simple user guide to get you started on using Houzz for your design projects. Download your FREE guide here.
If you want an app for your mobile devices that can quickly an easily help you to measure a room, then the Magic Plan app will help you to do just that. Here is your quick start up guide to set up and use Magic Plan for your home design projects. Download your FREE guide here.
Polyvore is a fantastic, free online tool for creating your own mood boards for your rooms. Drag and drop furniture, home wares and colours onto your board to get a feel for how your room design will look. Polyvore is fun and easy to use and because I know you will find it useful for your projects,  I have created this Polyvore Start Up Guide to help you. Download your FREE guide here.
Morpholio is a super app that allows you to create your own beautiful portfolio. Wonderful for creating a visual of your aspirations when designing your new spaces. Because the Morpholio app allows you to use your own images as well as those from Pinterest and other platforms, it is super useful. Download your FREE guide here.
Sometimes choosing paint colours can be a little daunting for some. This colour tool gives you the chance to visualise the paint colour before you purchase. This Dulux Colour guide should introduce you to a new tool that you may not have discovered yet. Download your FREE guide here.
The Magpie App is a super tool for those of you who have trouble saving photo ideas in neat tidy folders on your phone. You can create simple folders for your design project and the Magpie App helps you keep it simple and organised. I have created this simple user guide to get you started on using Magpie App. Download your FREE guide here.
When you need to layout the furniture in your rooms, you may need a Floorplanner tool to help visualise your space and see how everything will fit in your room. If you are looking for something more than a pencil and paper solution then Floorplanner may be the answer for you. Here I have created a simple Floorplanner Start Up Guide to get you on your way. Download your FREE guide here.