What does your front door say about you? Sometimes you pass a home and just want to head right in and say hello like you already know someone. Other times a home can look prickly and uninviting. The key to having a great front door colour to find a colour that compliments the house colour but is a bit exciting and out of the ordinary. We are individuals people…unique…special…and that’s what our home and our entry can say about us. Front door colours are the key to making your home come to life.

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1. A front door that looks fresh and welcoming.

I love beautiful front door colours that speak volumes about the personality of the owner/s. Sometimes we just choose to play it way too safe and when it comes to the front door we can really let loose and be a bit brave. If you have a simple, white or standard timber door, then here are a few ideas to get you excited. As women who work from home, we may have clients coming to our home to meet with us and if not you know you work behind those doors and the front door says a lot about you and your business whether you like it or not. If we want prosperity and to bring money in then your front door needs to be squeaky clean, fresh and looking like you’re ready for business I don’t care if you work online and people can’t see your home because it shows that you are professional and in your heart you know it.

yellow Front Door Colours

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Foliage in Putney, London: Foliage in Putney, London Front Door Colours

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2. A front door colour that makes you smile and feel happy to be home.

Red Front Door Colours


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Pink Door, Salem, Massachusetts: Pink Door, Salem, Massachusetts Front Door Colours

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Painting your doors in a high gloss bright colour or even black can look super. If your home is white you can virtually choose any colour you like and it will work. When it comes to other colour tones, you may be a bit more limited, but you would be surprised how many colours there are that do work. If you unsure what to choose then I would suggest heading to Pinterest, Houzz or Instagram for front door colour ideas. There you will find a huge range of ideas on colour mixing.

3. Ideas to Inspire You

I have put together my own Pinterest board to inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to your front door colour. Click here to see my entry Pinterest board.

Now, go outside and take a look at your house.

1. Do you have a colour that you adore?

2. Is there a burning desire to be a bit bold and create something that nobody in the neighbourhood has?

I can tell you from experience, that people love to see others showing off their flair and using their imagination.

Now, what does your front door say about you?

Until next time,

Love your home and those within it. Feel free to share my content.

Carmen x