Gail Sarasohn

Designer of Dinnerware and Mugs


Carmen Darwin, Design & Lifestyle Coach for Women who Work From Home
August 2017

Gail Sarasohn

Tell us a bit about the business that you are creating?

I sell Melamine plates, platters and Ceramic mugs that I have
designed. Plates and platters are dishwasher safe, handmade
in the USA. Mugs are also microwave safe, made in China. My
designs are fun, bold and colorful.

What are your three core values in your working life right now?

Not giving up.

What’s the hardest part of running a business from home?

Finding customers.

dinnerware and mugs
dinnerware and mugs
dinnerware and mugs


Photograph by Gail Sarasohn


What’s the most rewarding part of running a business from home?

Being creative.

What fears did you have about starting your business?

Not sure if I would find customers.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in running your home­ based business?

Everything takes time and to keep going and not giving up.

“Everything takes time and to keep going and not giving up.”

How do you find the right balance between being a partner, wife or mother and running your business?

I don’t have a problem with work-life balance since I don’t work
anywhere else.

There are many hours in the day when my son is in school plus
I can work in the evenings after he goes to sleep.

On a scale of 1­-10 how much does your business light you up?


In moments of doubt, how do you overcome it and lift yourself back up?

I try to think out of the box and look for new ways to advertise my website.

Who is your support crew if you have one?

My husband and a few close friends. 

What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve been given?

To keep on doing what I am doing. Make it happen.

What’s a brief summary of the pathway it took to get to where   you are now?

For me it was being a textile designer for ten years and then being a fashion designer for close to fifteen years. My entire life has been revolved around color and design. Even before becoming a textile designer my youth was spent drawing, taking art classes in high school and majoring in art in college. I can not imagine a life without artistic creativity.

How important is grit, determination, and persistence to you in growing your business?

Determination, grit and persistence is everything. Without it
there is nothing.

Which of your personal traits are you most proud of?

My creativity and my drive.

What’s the hardest thing about being your own boss?

Not being around a lot of people during the day.

What sacrifices have you made starting a business?

Not having a steady income, yet.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Art books, flowers, travel.

dinnerware and mugs
dinnerware and mugs
dinnerware and mugs


Photograph by Gail Sarasohn

Who’s a woman you deeply admire? 

The fashion designer Edith Head. 

What do you still want to achieve on a personal level? 

I want to be successful. 

What do you find most frustrating about your home workspace? 

I don’t have a real office. 

What is the favorite thing about your workspace? 

It is in my apartment. 

Name one thing you can’t live without each day. 

Technology, social media, anything that pertains to my business.

Find more of her works at plateshoppe.com

dinnerware and mugs
dinnerware and mugs
dinnerware and mugs


Photograph by Gail Sarasohn

Until next time,

Carmen x