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Carmen Darwin is a lifestyle designer and coach helping women who are ready to live their next chapter with more beauty, passion and adventure. One of Carmen’s superpowers is helping women to take off those sensible shackles and FINALLY do all the BIG things they’ve always dreamt of doing and to create a life with more beauty, passion and adventure.

She knows that the best way to help is to share with women everything she has learned over the past 20 years as a freedom seeker, change-maker and lover of life. 

Carmen’s made it her mission to step out from behind the curtain and do big things with her life and has designed her life to be beautiful in every way, not by accident and not by luck but by design.

For the past 30 years Carmen has been a school teacher, interior designer, renovation planner, garden designer, property stylist and real estate consultant.  With this amazing experience, women from all over the world started reaching out asking her to help them not only design a home that they love but to help them design a life they wanted for themselves.

This lead Carmen not only to do some amazing design projects but was the catalyst for creating her design and lifestyle tours and retreats to Bali and Italy which have been truly transformational for the women who have joined her. 

But Carmen knew that not everyone can drop their life to join her in Italy or Bali (well, not right now anyway!), so she created her online programs and membership that you can do anywhere, anytime to help you do those BIG things that you were born to do and to help you continue to evolve the beauty in your head, heart and home on an ongoing basis.

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Topics for

Home Design

Creating Spaces that Matter

  • Designing spaces to suit your personality.
  • Make the best of what you have at home.
  • How your environment impacts your life.

Any topics around home design!

Topics for 

Daily Life

Creating Beauty in Your Every Day Life

  • Organisation in the home & daily planning.
  • Entertaining with style the easy way. 
  • Little daily habits that spark joy in our life.
  • How my tours to Italy and Bali have influenced my daily life.

Any topics around beauty in daily life.

Topics for 

Personal Growth

 Creating a Beautiful Vision for Your Life

  • How to create your next life chapter.
  • How to set goals and going for dreams.
  • What obstacles we need to overcome to grow.

Any topics around creating beautiful dreams for you life!

Topics for 

Women’s Travel

Creating Beautiful Adventures

  • How my tours show women how to add & beauty, passion and adventure to their lives.
  • How to take what you learn in Italy & Bali back to your own home, daily life & personal growth. 
  • My philosophy behind my women’s tours.

Any topics around Italian life & travels!

What They Say…

“ Thank you so much for sharing yourself, clever ideas, beautiful life learnings and knowledge with us. You are really making a huge difference to me. Each of your lessons really resonates with me, you really speak my language! ”

Gina W

“I think you were born to teach no matter the topic. ”

Lisa C

Hi Carmen I love watching you and your page. I think you are so clever! . ”

Sally W

“I love watching and listening to you ..you have some great tips and ideas ♡..you’re awesome. ”


Sherrie C

“I have been following your page and I am loving what you are putting into the world! ”

Colet W

“I love watching and listening to your interesting videos! ”

Andrea M

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Where do you live?

Brisbane, Queensland Australia

How do I contact you?

Email me at hello@carmendarwin.com

Message me on Facebook Messenger 

Who would be a good match for your topics?

Anyone running a podcast, magazine, community, course or membership where my skills and expertise can help your audience. I am also available for live speaking events.

What is your availability?

When I am not doing my tours I am generally available with 2-4 weeks notice.

How can you make this easy for me?

I understand life is busy so I honour your time frame and always deliver on my promise to provide what you need from me as per your requests.

How will you provide me a sharable resource for my audience?

I will provide the resource in 2 ways 1) Place on my website to access the downloadable. 2) Provide a PDF link for your website or platform.

I’m not sure if we will be the right fit.

I understand that you want to check if we are a good fit before you say “yes”. I totally understand. Just book a free chat first and we can figure out if it’s going to be right for you.

What can I expect from you?

If you book me as a guest expert you will get:

1. Outline of the topic I will discuss with dot points and any relevant questions you may wish to ask.

2. Images of me which will be free to use copyright free for any marketing you wish to do.

3. Access to me for any questions in the lead up to the event.

How much time will it take?

Allow about 1 hour per week to start seeing change. Honestly if you have time you can go a little deeper if you wish. Of course more action you take the greater the impact on your life. If you schedule this into your calendar then this will ensure you make the time needed to complete the fun projects that I have in store for you.