Her Business Branding Academy

Business Branding and Design for Work-From-Home Women $39/month

Finally there is a solution for setting up your business with branding and design that looks so stylish

and polished that people really want to work with you!

This is about branding and design for every aspect of your business and working lifestyle

for women who work from home.

Does this sound like you?

  • You have dreams and vision for the look and feel of your business and brand, but you haven’t quite nailed it yet.

  • You’re home office doesn’t reflect your brand or your style and you wish it did.

  • You want to find ways to create a more beautiful social media but not sure exactly how.

  • You’re a little (or a lot) stuck and overwhelmed…so much to do to build or improve your business brand yet so little time.

  • You want a beautiful website and imagery but a little stuck how to make it look fab.

  • You still don’t have that media kit or podcast kit that looks beautiful and professional.

  • Your stationery, merchandise or other touch points aren’t as stylish or professional as you’d like.

  • You use excuses like… when I have more money, when I have more time…..

  • … still nothing happens… time ticks by and you’re still dreaming. I understand why you are stuck!

What if it didn’t have to be this way?

Can you imagine…

  • Somebody giving you a new project each month to easily help you create a beautiful business brand, work space and video production space.
  • Someone to help you fine tune your brand and messaging and make it more stylish
  • Someone to help you get you super organised in your business and and your work-from-home life.
  • It’s possible for you!


What if I told you…

That having a polished brand means more $$$ in your business…..

……but that it would be easier if we did it together! 

When you have a beautiful brand people begin to sit up and take notice and follow you and your message.

Her Business Brand Academy is a monthly membership with a very low fee to help you to create your bella business brand, spaces and lifestyle without the struggle and confusion.

Inside the online Her Business Brand Academy membership you’ll be inspired with monthly projects to make your business and lifestyle beautiful. It’s about honouring your style and personality and bringing that into everything you do.

Each month…

…we tackle a little project to make a big difference to your business brand and lifestyle.

…but it’s more fun because we’re doing it together! 

START with a fun new project each month 

LEARN how to complete the project step by step.

COMPLETE IT and start making it happen. 

A DESIGNER & COACH to support you. 

…Plus an amazing community to cheer you on during your journey.

    Example Projects…

Beautify your website

Get the look and feel that makes your personality and style stand out from the rest.

Beautify Social Media Account 

Hands up if you want a social media account that’s less ho hum and more heck yeah? You do? 

Beautify Your Home Office

Create the perfect look and feel for you and your business. Let’s get organised and stylish.

Beautify your Video Background 

Let’s create a background that’s on brand and leaving you confident to create video from home or on the go.

Beautify Your Working Wardrobe 

You’re going to sprinkle some superb style into the your wardrobe and work on what to wear for video.

Beautify your Brand Imagery

Choose the right images with the right look, feel and colours to lux up your brand look.


       Plus a little extra love…

those little extras quick wins that we need when we work from home

Beautify your Home Styling 

Beautify your Home Organisation

Beautify your Self-Care Routines

Beautify your Meal time

Beautify Your Entertaining

Beautify your Personal Growth

Plus you’re helping me to build this!

Tell me the kind of projects that YOU WANT TO DO and we’ll do them.

You are a super important part of creating something incredible together and I want you in on the ride with me.

Week 1

New Project For the Month

We’ll kick off each month with a new business brand or design project which is designed to help you complete small tasks that will have a big impact.

Week 2

Perfect Planning

Next use the quick action tasks and resources to help you achieve your project goals fast! No guesswork…You have the tools.

Week 3

Action Stations

Roll up the sleeves because this is your time to get into delivering your project and your chance to  ask for help, encouragement and support.

Week 4

Celebrate Your Success 

This is grown up show and tell! Show us your transformations + there will be contests and prizes for effort and super-star results. 

Plus a little extra love!

+ Bonus Lifestyle Lessons

To keep you smiling, dreaming and believing in yourself each day you work from home. Room styling projects, video inspiration, daily happiness rituals and much more bite-sized actions to create a working lifestyle you love.

Her Business Branding Academy

Your Private Facebook Community 

Your support and cheer squad community via our closed Facebook group. Carmen and other positive, go-get-em women are here for you every step of the way.

Cheer each other on, check in to see how you’re progressing and celebrate all your small and big wins. You are not going to do this alone. We are here for you.


Your resources  to help make creating your bella business, home and lifestyle easier.

Beautiful Member’s Area

Access all the monthly projects, inspiration classes, planning resources, tips, action tasks and resource library at a time and place that suits you.

No matter how your life rolls you can access the member’s area any time you like on any device. It’s your one-stop shop 24/7!

Plus This!

Designer in Your Pocket

Imagine having your own designer and branding coach that you can reach out to when you’re stuck with your home design questions. “I’m here for you” support via Designer in Your Pocket. Simply post your question and I shall answer it personally.

Now that’s worth having!

Value $1200+

When you join you’ll get…

✓ Create a more beautiful brand and business

✓ Set up your personal creative space for success

✓ Become more organised in your workplace and home

✓ Transform ordinary spaces into spaces you love

✓ Make everyday tasks more manageable

✓ Make mealtime and entertaining stylish and easy

✓ Evolve your home, head and heart

✓Add more beauty to your everyday lifestyle

✓ Add those finishing touches to rooms at home

✓ Overcome the overwhelm of not knowing where to start

✓ Get clear on what you want to change and prioritise tasks

✓ Improve your happiness by changing your environment

✓ Stop making do and create a professional workspace

✓ Let go being confused about where to start for good.

Your Bonuses!

Annual Member Bonus

VIP Priority Planning Session

Join as an annual member and get a private 1 hour personal planning session with Carmen to help you get started on your business & lifestyle transformation.

Value $695

Money Back Guarantee

See it it’s Right for You?

If you join The Business Branding Academy and if it’s not your cup of tea then that’s okay. I only want you to stay if you LOVE it. Simply send me an email within 7 days and I will refund your money no problem. 

Get Ready

say yes & get unstuck for good

For a small investment each month you can have someone guide you so you never have to feel stuck and lost again.

Get ready for your transformation

No woman I work with stays the same. This is all about creating a beautiful brand that shows off your personality and style.

Do those BIG things you’ve dreamed of

Stop dreaming and start doing. Now is your time to create the business brand and working spaces you’ve always dreamed of.


When does the program start and end?

The doors only open all year and once you sign up it starts right away! You’ll instantly get access to the membership and your welcome module.  You will have full access to the membership for each month that you are a member. If you don’t think it’s a good fit then you have 7 days to trial it. No refunds will be issued outside of our 7-day guarantee policy.

How do I access the program?

You will receive an email right away with your personal login details and you can directly login to access the beautiful online hub. Each week for you will receive an email with the new content for that week. Little by little you will begin the transformation of your home and your lifestyle by taking small steps each week. The great thing is that it is fun and having someone to show you what next step to take is a game changer.

Who will benefit from Her Business Branding Academy?

Any woman who runs a business from home and wants to create a great looking brand. We address design and branding by setting up your office, video creation space, stationery, content delivery, working wardrobe,   For any woman who wants all this for her business but needs someone to show her how to do it easily and without the huge price tag.  

What kind of people can get results from the program?

What I share in the program can honestly work for anyone prepared to make a change in their home and the blueprint for success is very similar no matter who you are! That said, as a busy woman who once struggled working out how to prioritise her working environment and let go of the belief that I needed to wait for success to come first, I can really relate to others who are going through that same struggle. I am genuinely passionate about ensuring that others don’t struggle knowing what to do and how to do it. With a designer and coach in your back pocket and a community to cheer you on, we can support you every step of the way. That said, I’m realistic that it may not be for everyone, which is why I have a 7-day money back guarantee.

How can I fit this into my busy life?

I understand life is busy so I have made it very easy for you to access the membership anytime on any device. The classes, tips, resources and tasks are kept short and simple to make it easy for you to fit this in with your lifestyle. You will need to prioritise time each week to ensure that you get the maximum benefit and start seeing changes in your home and working lifestyle.

How can I talk to you if I don’t feel confident to post in the group?

I know that this can be a personal journey and asking your questions in Her Business Branding Academy on Facebook which is the best way to benefit other women. If however, you don’t feel confident asking questions publicly in the group, you may use the Designer in Your Pocket Private Questions Portal. Your question will be answered in the Facebook Community (Your name can be withheld if you prefer).

I’m not sure if I can afford it?

I don’t know your personal financial situation, but what I do know is that My Business Branding Academy is extremely well priced and similar services and courses can cost you thousands of dollars. For only $39 a month this is a major investment in YOU and YOUR BUSINESS because you keep the knowledge you gain – forever! If you’re serious about getting your business from where you are now to where you want to go, then you need to have some form of support to get you there. If you were to have a personal designer and coach this would cost thousands of dollars. I believe that this is great value for the transformation that you will make in your life.

What can I expect each week?

Week 1: Project Inspiration – Video at the start of each month.

Week 2: Perfect Planning – Tips, checklists, done for you resources, action tasks

Week 3: Action Stations – Get your project completed + loads of support for you

Week 4: Celebrate Success – Share your transformations, member of the week, contests, prizes.

Ongoing support in Her Business Branding Academy Community….our fab Facebook group

Private access to me via Designer in Your Pocket…ask me your design questions.

How much time will it take?

Allow about 1 hour per week to start seeing change. You may want to work more on your project and go a little deeper if you wish. Of course more action you take the greater the impact on your life. If you schedule this into your calendar then this will ensure you make the time needed to complete the fun projects that I have in store for you.

When you join Her Business Branding Academy

as a member you’ll get 

✓ Monthly Project Inspiration Class

✓Resources to plan your project

✓Action Tasks

✓Your 24/7 Login to the Members-only Website

✓Access to Her Business Branding Academy – Your Facebook Community

✓ Access to me via Designer in Your Pocket

✓ Priority Planner to keep you focused each day