For years, I have read countless books, blogs, magazine articles and success stories of women who have conquered all to build exceptional and successful businesses. I’ve devoured podcasts, taken courses and continued to learn, explore and grow during my own quest to finally be “successful” in my own mind. I’ve spent over a decade wanting to learn from the best and see how they made it.

I have found these stories inspirational and I’ve deeply admired and respected these women, but I kept asking myself where the everyday stories were of the women who were making an impact building their businesses while also living happy and fulfilling lives. I knew that there were women working from home who were creating great businesses and who were also damned fine mothers, partners, wives, sisters, daughters, friends and community supporters. She may not yet be at the point where she could shout about her multi-six-figure business but she was giving everything she had to her work, day in and day out to pursue something she believed in. Many women had left the security and safety of a paid job, to be bold enough to fight hard working on something she knew deep inside her had to get out into the world. She wanted to live life with no regrets, deciding to try something new, rather than die wondering. 

For me, it’s been a long journey of self-discovery, pushing myself beyond what I thought was possible and finding myself having to pick myself up off the floor when things I’ve tried have failed. In all honesty, I craved a voice for myself and other women like me (when our culture constantly reminds us that success means lots of money) that our journey and story was just as important as those who had made it to the magazine spreads. 

So, I set out to find the women with these stories inside them and now you have found your way here. Call it fate, see it as you will, but I believe that your story needs to be told. I want to connect with women just like you who have taken the leap of faith and are still on the journey to figuring out exactly what the end goal is. You may still be on the bumpy path, feeling like you have not yet made it big financially but you’re kicking goals by pursuing the passion of what feels right in your heart. The mainstream media aren’t always interested in our stories, but I am. This is where you get to share your voice…the world needs it.



1. Join My Group

Join the Home Design & Lifestyle Sisterhood here if you’d like to be part of my private Facebook Community. I will be promoting the story here. This is also a place to support each other while creating a work-from-home business.


2. Answer These Questions

Tell me your story by answering the questions at the bottom of this page. A few questions you must answer and then there are an array of questions on offer to answer.  So you don’t need to answer all to submit your article and I don’t want procrastination to set in and for you to take hours crafting your answers. Write how you would talk to me over a glass of crisp wine….like a friend. Don’t overly sensor yourself!

Just a tip: You might like to prepare your questions in a word document and then upload answers by copying and pasting them.

3. Send me your photos

Send me as many photos from the following list as possible to and use your name in the subject heading. Photos need to be high-resolution and of good quality, suitable for your online, web-based story.  You can always send them later if you don’t have them yet. Don’t let it stop you submitting your questions.

a) a photo of you

b) your workspace or view from your workspace (if you like it)

c) your products or creative work (if applicable)

d) a photo of you with the people in your life who support you

e) any other photo you want to share.

Use the #herdesignstory on social media if you have something to share.

Any questions?

Please contact me at hello@carmendarwin and I’ll be happy to see you through any issues. I will notify you when your story is posted.

Thank you and I cannot wait to hear from you.

With gratitude,


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