Happy 2017 to You

I can look back at 2016 and am so thankful for the joy and growth it brought me. As you know I made a dream of mine come true and I took women to Italy for the first time. I had journaled about this for years and made an intention to really push the boundaries of what I thought was possible for me. On top of this, I served some incredible clients, grew my business, hired my first ever assistant to add to my team and launched my online school. I did stuff that really mattered to me and it took guts, determination and a hell of a lot of grit and time. But I did it and I’m proud that I was out there having a go at building a business and life that I love.

But in the back of my mind, I was still not where I wanted to be. I thought that I needed to have millions of followers on social media, PR companies knocking at my door while creating a saleable, six figure business.

But then I realised something…

It wasn’t about where I wanted to be in the future, it was about loving what I did with my life every single day in the quest to get there.”

So I decided to forgive myself

  • I forgave myself for not yet being what I considered to be a superstar.
  • I forgave myself for not being super thin and fit as I thought I should be.
  • I forgave myself for trying and creating so many things rather than concentrating on one.
  • I forgave myself for not being where I wanted to be yet.


As I head towards turning 50 this year, all I really want is to be doing work every day that matters to me and helps others in the world while I am in the process. I don’t want to leave anything on the table. I don’t want to lie on my deathbed and say “If only I had…”

As you know, I’ve been working for a few years to create an online business, where I can reach more people, share what I have learned over the last 49 years and help them in any way that I can. So this brings me to my newest focus for 2017, my passion and quest.

I am passionate about helping women who are working from home to create a business, to create a home environment that they love. I am fortunate to be connected to business women around the globe who are working so hard at creating a life for themselves and their families by building a business from home.

Why do I want to help them create a better work from home life? Because when I talk and connect with these women about how they intend to help more people with what they are skilled at and passionate about then you would understand.  The impact that they are going to make in this world is huge and they have so much talent, skill and love to give. They are inspirational, intelligent, driven and focused on what they want in their life and they have their families and partners best interest in mind. They want to be there for them and that means working from home to build their dream. I am going to show them how I can support them in creating a home lifestyle that is beautiful, organised and stylish.

You may wonder why I want to create an online business? It’s simple really. I want to reach and help more women. I also want to be able to work from anywhere in the world which has been my dream for three years now. I have a friend who runs retreats in Mexico and I want to be able to ring her and say “I’ll be there!” without a problem. I want to be able to go camping with my family without worrying about when I have scheduled holidays. You see, for me now the lines between work and life are blurring because I love what I do each day it’s no longer a job.

So my online focus moving forward is to reach out to these women and let them know I can help. I will still provide a service to my beautiful clients here in Brisbane when I can because I truly love doing that too, but I am focussing a lot of time on my design school and building on that dream.

So you may notice this on my website header from now on because that is my online focus.

To each and every one of you receiving this including present clients, past clients, ladies from my tour, family, friends, people who have opted in for updates…..every, single one of you here I say thank you. And if you’re still reading this (good for you), from the bottom of my heart I am grateful for your support, encouragement and for not unsubscribing ;). I am grateful for every, single one of you.

Here’s to an amazing 2017.

Chat to you soon,

PS. If you’re one of those women who are on the fence about coming to Italy with me, there are still a few spots left. If you’re meant to be there then you will be. If it’s your time then it’s your time and you’ll know in your heart if it is.