Surreal doesn’t even begin to describe it. Visiting Paris for the first time in 25 years had me spinning with a heady mix of excitement and sensory overload. One minute Brisbane, Australia and 26 hours, 6 meals, 4 movies and no sleep later, I’m soaking up the pleasure of melt-in-your mouth beef bourguignon and sipping on a glass of red in the streets of Le Marais .

What does one do when they have only three days in Paris? The answer…explore! Gardens are of course one of my loves and as a garden designer I love watching how other creative souls make their mark. When I see what has been created here, for the enjoyment of others, I can’t help but have gratitude for the hands that left something so beautiful for my enjoyment.

It’ the colour and attention to minute detail that holds me tight and draws me close. As I wander aimlessly through Le Marais, I stumble upon flower shops that throw a loop around me and drag me in.

Soon the splashes of colour throw themselves at me as I spin around and take in all the beauty of the vivid reds of the cafe’ on the corner.


Cute and creative Fleuriste, Les Marais Paris.

Cute and creative Fleuriste, Les Marais Paris. Photo by Carmen Darwin

Then of course there is the achingly beautiful architecture. The softness of the stone against the grey skies, the pitch black of the ironwork gates and fences and the exquisite detail in the carved doors and stonework.


Ironwork fence Hotel de Ville, Paris. Photo by Carmen Darwin


Hotel de Ville, Paris.

Hotel de Ville, Paris. Photo by Carmen Darwin



Wisteria spilling over the balconies in a private garden in Le Marais, Paris. Photo by Carmen Darwin




Quaint, leafy balconies of the apartments in Le Marais, Pairs. Photo by Carmen Darwin


Paris has me in it’s clutches. I am overwhelmed by her hustle and bustle, the unfamiliar words, the craziness of the Metro, but I appreciate what she offers me and the feelings she provokes.


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Love your home and those within it,

Carmen x