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Easy Gift Ideas for the Working Women

Why Your Kitchen Table is Not Your Home Office Workspace. Are you running a business from your kitchen table? Feel more professional, happy and in control by claiming your own workspace within your home.

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Quick Entertaining Idea Italian Style

Today I’m talking about a quick entertaining idea that makes quick work of having friends and family around. The Italians like to say “It is around the table that friends understand best the warmth of being together.”

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Create a Stylish Table Setting

The internet has the most extraordinary amount of beautiful dinner table decorating ideas. So being an Australian  I thought I would share a few dinner tables that suit our flora and unique way of life.

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Living With Simple Dreams

Living With Simple Dreams We can all get caught up in our life with comparing ourselves and our homes to others. The thing you need to remember is this...we are not all on a level playing field here. People are all on different incomes, the number of children we may...

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Steps to Creating Your Own Art

When it comes to making our own art we often feel we are not confident or talented enough to produce a piece of art. Because we are not artists, we don’t feel we can create something of our own for our home

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Simple Table Centrepieces Ideas

Simple Table Centrepieces Ideas Here is just a very quick, simple and of course economical way to create simple table centrepieces. We don't always have the time or funds for fresh flowers and using lemons in a vase or other fruit is a great alternative. Lemons in a...

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Tomato Salad Quick and Easy for Busy Women

My Quick Tomato Salad...Quick and Easy I love fresh food fast and so I  look to fresh fruit and vegetables each day for how I can create a healthy dish in minutes. I love this tomato salad because not only is it yummy, it's so versatile. I make a large...

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