Sitting in an office all day can make us miss being outside, so why not bring the outdoors into your office by adding some plants to your workspace?

plants for your workspace

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Adding plants to your workspace not only enhances beauty but it also has a number of health benefits and helps to keep the air temperature down and our spirits up!

We aren’t all green thumbs, I know I’m certainly not, but that shouldn’t stop us from adding a little greenery to our workspace. Not all plants are hard to maintain, some plants need nothing but water and admiration. Looking after plants can be as easy as reading this blog.

Hanging Plants

This is a great option when you have limited space, but still, want to add that touch of green to your home. Hanging plants do need that little bit of extra water, but don’t let that deter you from this gorgeous décor.

Here is a list of hanging plants which require little to no maintenance;

  • Spider plant
  • Ivy
  • String of Pearls (This is my pick, because of its uniqueness and texture that it adds to a room)
  • Golden Pathos

Why not try combining a variety of these plants to create a hanging feature?

plants for your workspace

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Ground Plants

Have a large workspace area? Ground plants are a great option! And they are definitely my pick! The options for types, colours and sizes are endless, so it really is all about personal preference and available space.

Here are some options for beautiful ground plants to add to your space;

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig
  • Rubber Plant
  • Palms
  • Snake Plant
  • Cast Iron Plant (This is my pick, due to its simplicity and elegance)
  • Dieffenbachia (This plant can grow quite large, so it is better for large areas)
plants for your workspace

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Desk Plants

My first thought, ‘cute little plants that we often spend a lot of our time staring at while we ponder ideas (or procrastinate)’. These are definitely the most common plants that we see perched on the corner of desks, and we often don’t realise the liveliness they bring to a room. Desk plants are great for vamping up a mundane workspace.

Here are some of my favourite desk plants;

  • Succulents (Every novice gardener’s dream plant)
  • Platycerium Lemoinei
  • Cactus (Don’t get too close!)
  • Bamboo
  • Jade Plant (Better known as a money tree)
  • Bromeliads
  • Mother-in-law’s Tongue 
plants for your workspace

Image Credit: Adam Robinson Design via Pinterest

Why not combine all three styles? Visit your local nursery and see what catches your eye. You might surprise yourself and be a green thumb after all!

plants for your workspace

Image Credit: Brit Morin via Pinterest


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Until next time love your home and those within it,

Carmen x 

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