About Carmen Darwin Collective

The Carmen Darwin Collective is a business founded by Carmen Darwin, a multi-passionate creator who combines her various creative talents to bring beauty and connection into the world.

The Collective encompasses several different areas of focus, including interior design, guesthouse ownership, Italy tours curation, and book authorship.

The main goal of the Collective is to share Carmen’s talents and create spaces, places, and experiences that impact people on a deep emotional level and improve their lives.

Overall, the Carmen Darwin Collective is a creative venture that seeks to inspire and uplift others through art, design, and storytelling.


The Back Story

After many years of teaching and feeling a bit creatively stifled she was itching to start a business so Carmen studied horticulture and garden design and began creating garden plans for clients.

Things began to ramp up as clients started asking her to re-design their renovation plans and work with trades to transform their homes. It was a match made in heaven. She also had a stint selling real estate, using her knowledge to help buyers and sellers and her knowledge of property and construction was highly regarded.

Today she helps commercial clients to create amazing spaces for their customers and helps homeowners with new builds and renovations. She is a big-picture thinker and loves creative solutions for all kinds of budgets.

Life Influences

Carmen Darwin’s childhood was a true adventure, filled with all the joys of growing up in the great outdoors. She spent her formative years in the leafy suburb of The Gap, where she and her four siblings were free to explore, create, and imagine to their hearts’ content. From riding motorbikes to building cubbies, Carmen and her siblings were always on the move, finding new ways to experience the natural beauty of their 5-acre property.

It was a childhood filled with creativity, freedom, and endless possibilities – and it’s no wonder that it’s had such a profound impact on the person that Carmen has become. Today, Carmen’s love of nature and passion for creativity are still at the forefront of everything she does.


After a lifetime of adventures and experiences, Carmen is now settled in the beautiful city of Toowoomba, surrounded by magnificent trees and warm-hearted people. She’s the proud mother of three grown children whom she adores, and her family continues to be a source of inspiration and joy in her life.

In her new home, Carmen has found a sense of peace and belonging that’s allowed her to continue pursuing her passions and sharing her talents with the world. Whether she’s designing stunning interiors, hosting guests at her boutique bed and breakfast, or taking people on unforgettable tours of Italy, Carmen’s love for life and creativity shines through in everything she does.

Why Italy Tours?

In 2016, Carmen Darwin decided to take her passion for design and lifestyle to the next level by organising her very first women’s Tours of Italy. Her goal was simple: create a tour that would be tailored to women’s interests, allowing them to experience the beauty and culture of Italy in a unique and authentic way.

Carmen’s tours quickly became a hit, with women signing up to explore the most beautiful cities and regions of Italy. Unfortunately, in 2020, Carmen’s plans were put on hold due to the pandemic and a personal battle with cancer. But, as you might expect from someone as passionate as Carmen, she’s already set for her next tours for 2024.

Note: In 2024 The Italian Islands indulgence is now open to both men and women.

My Clients

Design: Our clients are locals, those in regional Qld and online clients in both commercial and residential markets.

Guesthouse: My guests come from all around Australia and many are from regional areas outside Toowoomba. It is a delight to meet such interesting women.

Italy tours: Women want to experience magical Italy through a designer’s eyes and want to be led by someone who seeks out beautiful places and experiences. 

Books: Anyone looking for an insight into what it’s like to be on a cancer journey or for anyone going through their own breast cancer journey or challenging times. 

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