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About Carmen

I can help you design something unique in either your home or your business space. With a background in interior design, styling, garden design and real estate, I’ve used my combined skills over 25 years to create functional and beautiful spaces. One of my superpowers is to keep the practical at the forefront of my design to ensure people feel relaxed and comfortable whether that be in their homes or the places they visit.

As a multi-passionate individual, I have one principle I live and work by

and that is to bring more beauty and human connection into the world through my work.

Between my design work, my guesthouse, events I run and a book about to be published there is never a dull moment. I love it all and can’t imagine living life any other way.

How it Works

1. Let’s Chat

Let’s get started by seeing what you are wanting to achieve and what’s the goal here for your project. Let’s then see if we are a good fit for each other. If so I will come up with a fee proposal for you.

2. The Big Picture

Now let’s create the big picture for your project. What does it look and feel like? Where are we heading? What’s the desired outcome? We now have a concept that fullfils the brief and it excites you.

3. Planning Underway 

Planning gets underway to start creating what we have envisioned together. Floor plans, drawings, colour selections, mood boards, furnishing ideas….you know…that kind of thing. We’ve made a great start. Tell me if you love it and we will crack on.

4. Selections & details

Time to select everything for the project. Lots of big (and load of little) decisions to so it adds up to one great look. The devil is in the detail so a super important phase for the outcome and together we stay focussed.

5. Pricing & Trades

Now we get clear on pricing and sourcing the right people for the job. Together we work towards your goals with your budget in mind. Then we complete orders, factor in timelines and get all our ducks in a row.

6. It’s Happening

It’s time for all the planning to come together to get the result you’ve been looking forward to. Building works, trades implementing, furnishing, styling … it all happens.