Let's Work Together to Help You Through...

You’re Not Alone

Offering something different and unique to women dealing with illness, loss or heartache to help you work creatively with hands and heart as a way of healing and dealing with what life has thrown you.

This is not a counselling session, but rather a friend by your side cheering you on and showing you how to tune into your creativity and your heart to create something special at this time in your life.

Who is it for?

Is it for me?

 I am here to show anyone at a crossroads in their life that by being creative, using your hands and connecting to your soul, you can begin to heal the emotional pain that you carry and focus on the positives in your life right now.

Mentoring Sessions

How it works

Sessions are online from the comfort of your home or treatment centre. Each session takes one hour and guarantees to give you a creative focus that will move you towards your emotional wellness goals.

It’s about finding beauty in your life in this difficult time.

The Cost

 1 x Initial Session $125

5 x Session Package $625

Try your first session and we will decide how you would like to work together. If you love it we can decide the best way to move your forward and create some goals for the coming weeks and months. 

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