Nel Fulloon
Brisbane, Australia
Parenting Facilitator

Tell us a bit about the business that you are creating?
I facilitate parents to create positive parenting strategies for their individual families. I also run workshops, teaching intuitive tools to parents for home use.

What are your three core values in your working life right now?
Persistence, Authenticity, Value.

What’s the hardest part of running a business from home?
Juggling the business’ needs, the kids’ needs and my own personal needs.

What’s the most rewarding part of running a business from home?
I LOVE my clients and I love what I do.

What fears did you have about starting your business?
I have NO business experience or expertise, and my greatest fear was that I would fall flat on my face. The second greatest fear was that my clients would think I was ridiculous!

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in running your home­ based business?
I really need structure and information, I can’t make all my decisions from intuition. That, and I can’t achieve everything RIGHT NOW.

How do you find the right balance between being a partner, wife or mother and running your business?
It’s an ongoing balancing act, and one I need to keep checking in on. When I stay grounded, I can usually feel where I need to be in any given moment, but sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed, and kick into panic mode. Stuff certainly gets done in panic mode, but often it’s off­track or doesn’t actually contribute to the most important priorities.

On a scale of 1­-10 how much does your business light you up?
It depends on the day. Some days are just amazing – usually days when I’ve been visiting clients ­and they’re really a 15 out of 10! My clients are often a bit frazzled or frustrated when I first visit them, and I never get tired of seeing how excited and enthusiastic they get, when we tweak a few things and their child’s behaviour just spontaneously shifts! On the other hand, days when I’m fighting with blog posts, or website design or trying to figure out marketing plans, they’re more like a 5. It’s good to see things grow and change, but sometimes it seems like I’m trying to push water uphill.

Nel Fulloon -

What do you wish you had in your business that you are still seeking?
More clarity and expertise around marketing, advertising and business planning. I know I’ll get there in the end; it’s just a steep learning curve right now.

In moments of doubt, how do you overcome it and lift yourself back up?
I use the tools I teach parents, with myself as well. My intention is always to chase my joy, and most of my decisions are about choosing the path that will take me closer to it. Sometimes I get a bit dragged down, but chasing joy is the habit of years, and it stands me in pretty good stead. And when I really get stuck, I have an awesome support crew/cheer squad!

Who is your support crew if you have one?
There’s four of us, who get together once a week to co­work ­- a marketing expert, a performance psychologist, a swimwear designer, and me, the parenting facilitator. They’re incredibly generous with their experience and expertise, and are the sort of people you always want to have in your corner. Strong, determined, authentic women who are inspirational, supportive and very, very smart.

What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve been given?
Fail fast, fail cheap. Try again with something else.

What’s a brief summary of the pathway it took to get to where you are now?
Tutor, music teacher, parent, teacher aide, soccer coach, scout leader, foster carer, parenting facilitator (with lots of kinesiology study along the way.)

How important is grit, determination and persistence to you in growing your business?
Persistence and determination are what is making the difference this time around between this creation, and previous things I’ve tried that have never really gotten off the ground. When I stand back on the sidelines and watch from outside, I am in awe of what I am creating on a daily basis! I had no idea I was capable of such amazing things.

Which of your personal traits are you most proud of?
Authenticity, persistence, empathy, clarity.

What do you still want to achieve on a personal level?
I want to change how we view parenting and families. I want to shift the stories that society tells, about how the parents are not paying attention, or how the children are rude or selfish. I want to create a new vision that spreads across our society, where we don’t assign judgement to the behaviour of parents OR children, we see it simply as a communication of an unmet need, to be met with unconditional love. And I want to spread the message that, when we come from a place of love instead of judgement, THAT’S how we change the world. One family at a time.

Name one thing you can’t live without each day.

Coffee. Coffee makes the sun rise, the world turn, and each morning magically turns me from a cranky zombie, into a reasonably functional human being.

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