Heading to Cortona for the Day

We drifted from our villa and I jumped into the driving seat of our hire car as if in a dream. Experiencing all things Italian was making us feel like schoolgirls and yet we found ourselves in the bodies of middle-aged women. So be it. This is how we are and we are okay with it…now!  When did we grow up so fast? You see on the outside we definitely had seen many years, but inside we still felt the excitement of finding something new and exploring a little unknown corner that we had never unearthed. That feeling you have as a child when you are curious.

We hit the road and made a pact to not take a single thing for granted. Not the view, the sounds, the smells or the things that just may go wrong. “It is what is” we would say many times throughout the day, knowing that we had little control over every little thing and we just wanted to live in the moment and feel Tuscany not just see it whatever it may bring.

Every road is beautiful and every site just made me smile. It was a happy day for me driving on the wrong side of the road and soaking in the beauty around me.

Stepping through the gates of the city walls into Cortona was just wonderful. It has more of a tourist vibe than many of the other small towns we had visited but there was such a lively atmosphere and bustle about the place. 

As we headed up the street we passed this cute little restaurant with many flowers and a cute bicycle. It felt very welcoming and it’s evident that people are super proud of the businesses that they run here.

I’m not sure I was aware of the number of steps and the steep climb to reach the top of the town. Phewwww it was hard work but the view was really beautiful from up there.

The many little back streets and alleyways are lined with flowers and delightful, little stores. We took a peek inside before heading off to get yet another gelato with just about everyone else in town.

We took our time and headed back to our villa near Buonconvento and watched the sunset over the Tuscan hills. This is the view from the back terrace and I must say it’s one I shall never forget. Want to join our tours and experience this kind of bliss for yourself. You can check them out here.


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Until next time,

Love your home and those within it,

Carmen x