Trying to think about what you should be packing for your trip to Italy?

Look, none of my what to pack tips are ground-breaking, but sometimes it helps to hear other ideas from someone who has done it a few times (like when I pack for my Italy Tours) Here I’ve created a quick video to share with you to help see things from an insider perspective. Also, I’ve created a visual blog post and because I love you all (yes-I-do) then I have a free e-book with a great checklist to help you out. It just seems less overwhelming when you have a little something to clarify your packing thoughts. Enjoy!

    • 1. Choose Your Luggage

      2. Travel Documents

      3. Electronics and chargers

      4. Shoes

  • 5. Clothing

6. Swimwear

7. Underwear

8. Accessories

9. Extras

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I’ve created a What to Pack for Italy…my free guide to help you pack for your vacation. You can access it here.

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