Petra Jones
Brisbane, Australia.

Content Marketer, Social Influencer, Extraverted Introvert (mostly)

Tell us a bit about the business that you are creating?
I started my first business with a BIG VISION. I wanted to build a global business with my children’s clothing brand. While I knew everything about how to design garments and manufacture them, I had no clue how to market and sell my products and how to be the face of my brand. I was confused and stressed and I went through several burnouts as well. Mostly I had no idea what worked online for my brand, where was my next client coming from and when. I found out about podcasting through a friend of mine who just launched his podcast. The thought of having a conversation with successful mumpreneurs was truly inspiring and exciting. Almost overnight, I went from clothing designer to podcaster with a growing passion for finding out how they all did it, what was their experience and how it could help me and my business as well as others.
Today, I run a growing online network consisting of various social media platforms with a following of over 20 thousand and thousands of monthly listeners so that I can help mumpreneurs like you. I am also planning to share more of my knowledge soon with everyone wanting to gain more visibility online with their business. It is so hard these days to be visible online.

What are your three core values in your working life right now?
Focus, Perseverance, Balance.

What’s the hardest part of running a business from home?
I think it is the isolation. Funny, being an introvert, I enjoy quiet moments, but there are moments I crave someone else to be in my home office with me, to brainstorm few ideas and share a cup of coffee together. Mostly, I love working from home.

What’s the most rewarding part of running a business from home?
I am a mum of two energetic kids; one is at school and the other one in kindy on a part­-time basis. Flexibility is the biggest advantage when it comes to working from home. I can be there for my kids, organise my schedule around their needs.

What fears did you have about starting your business?
With my first business, it was definitely the fear of being the face of my brand. I realised later; I was hiding behind my business, thinking that was more professional. In my current business, it’s no longer the fear of being visible. I understand it’s essential to be seen. When launching new ventures/products, sometimes I find myself asking these questions: Will this be good enough? Is this valuable? Will I enjoy doing this long-term?
Often, this is quickly replaced by joy from doing something new and exciting, pushing myself into new directions and growing with this experience.

Petra Jones - www.carmendarwin.com

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in running your home­ based business?
When I started to truly believe in myself, my business experience changed and it kept growing.
I have gone and done things in the past I never thought I would. I made a conscious decision, to go for it and try something new. I crossed the line and changed my dreams into reality. You will never progress on your journey if you keep dreaming about your destination.

How do you find the right balance between being a partner, wife or mother and running your business?
I have very clear boundaries when it comes to work and my personal life. When I am home with my son or on the weekends, I don’t work on those days. We play, I cook and I am a mum. When both of my children are at school or kindy, I work and plan my day to the last possible minute. It took me a while to find this system and to know it works for me but I know I am most productive this way.

Petra Jones - www.carmendarwin.com

On a scale of 1­-10 how much does your business light you up?
A lot :­)

What do you wish you had in your business that you are still seeking?
Despite having some help ­having contractors (at the moment I have 2) I would love to have more permanent help and someone who is local and could come to my home office to work for me few days a week.

In moments of doubt, how do you overcome it and lift yourself back up?
“This too shall pass”

Who is your support crew if you have one?
My husband, my rock, my biggest fan.

Petra Jones - www.carmendarwin.com

What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve been
With all that you do, be sure to know the person you are creating it for!

What’s a brief summary of the pathway it took to get to where you are now?
After studying fashion & design in Prague I found myself struggling to find the job in my industry. My first job was as a travel consultant at a Spanish travel agency. I fell in love with travelling and realised I needed to speak English well to be involved more in this industry. Two weeks later, I arrived in London and enrolled in the school to learn English. I was only 21 years old. I lived in London for 2 years, it was there I met my husband, who I married in Prague and followed to Australia. I found it difficult to settle in my home and I lost my identity for a while. It was the birth of my daughter that brought me to realisation, I wanted to reconnect with my old interests and so I started my first business, a clothing label, shortly after her birth.

How important is grit, determination and persistence to you in growing your business?
It is everything actually.

Which of your personal traits are you most proud of?
Being strong-minded, persistent and loyal.

What’s the hardest thing about being your own boss?
Working for myself suits me and it suits my personality I think. I struggled in a 9-5 job. I find it hard to locate anything that is hard about being my own boss.

What sacrifices have you made starting a business?
A lot of my personal time (if not all of it) was spent on my business at the beginning. In my spare time, I was constantly reading and researching to improve my business. Like I said at the beginning, I had no idea about running a business so there was a lot to learn.

Petra Jones - www.carmendarwin.com


Where do you find inspiration for your work?
Hearing from other women, something I shared or produced made a significant difference to their business or personal experience is priceless. It is the biggest motivation.

Who’s a woman you deeply admire?
All the women in my family. I admire them the most. They are my role models.

What do you still want to achieve on a personal level?
Creating more passive income.

What is the favourite thing about your workspace?
My planning desk – there is no computer, just lots of space, books and my favourite items for inspiration.

Name one thing you can’t live without each day.

See Petra’s work at www.iammumpreneur.com